Bridgeport Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer

While serious harm can come from any failure by a healthcare provider to correctly identify and treat a patient’s condition, the repercussions of a cancer misdiagnosis tend to be especially severe. Many forms of cancer can only be treated effectively if they are caught at an early stage of development, which unfortunately means a delay of even a few weeks before starting treatment could have potentially fatal repercussions.

Pursuing fair financial recovery after a medical mistake like this will be next to impossible without guidance from a malpractice attorney. A seasoned Bridgeport cancer misdiagnosis lawyer at Berkowitz Hanna is prepared to pursue the compensation you deserve and hold the negligent provider accountable for their negligence.

Identifying the Source of a Cancer Misdiagnosis

For the most part, medical professionals can be trusted implicitly to meet the standard of care for individuals with their experience and expertise. However, there are numerous ways in which a single mistake or omission could lead to a cancer misdiagnosis, not all of which necessarily seem like egregious misconduct at the time.

For example, many types of cancer are primarily identified through specialized tests like mammograms or prostate exams. A physician who fails to perform such testing regularly, does not perform a test correctly, or misinterprets test results could wind up failing to diagnose cancer or diagnosing a patient with a different condition entirely. In the same vein, faulty lab or diagnostic equipment could lead to an otherwise diligent physician missing what a functional machine would have immediately identified as a serious problem.

Other causes of cancer misdiagnoses can include:

  • Hectic scheduling that leaves individual physicians unable to provide in-depth care for every patient
  • Errors by radiologists
  • Accidental contamination of samples to be tested
  • Lack of knowledge about how a particular form of cancer may manifest

A Bridgeport cancer misdiagnosis attorney can help pursue compensation from any provider or facility whose negligence directly leads to someone suffering avoidable harm from undiagnosed or untreated cancer.

Effectively Pursuing Compensation for Damages

The idea that financial compensation alone could make up for the immense harm that untreated cancer can cause may understandably seem insufficient to someone dealing with a late-stage variant of this disease. Litigation of this nature is built around minimizing the financial and personal repercussions of negligence while also discouraging similar behavior in the future.

With that in mind, recoverable losses in this type of claim might include:

  • Additional medical expenses for cancer treatment
  • Lost working capacity and/or earnings
  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Emotional/psychological trauma
  • Lost consortium
  • Lost enjoyment/quality of life

As a skilled lawyer can further explain, a cancer misdiagnosis in Bridgeport that directly leads to a patient’s premature death could alternatively serve as grounds for a wrongful death case meant to benefit surviving family members.

Seek Help from a Bridgeport Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorney

A missed or delayed cancer diagnosis can have uniquely devastating consequences even compared to other types of medical errors. Taking prompt legal action against the party or parties responsible for a mistake like this can be vital not only to protecting your own future prospects but often those of loved ones as well.

A dedicated Bridgeport cancer misdiagnosis lawyer can be an irreplaceable ally throughout every stage of the litigation process. Schedule your free initial consultation today to get started– we are ready to get to work for you and your family.