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Welcoming new life to the world is among the most special and precious experiences that any of us will ever have. It’s meant to be a time of joy and jubilation. But that’s all premised on the hope that everything will go right. Fortunately, most babies’ births do happen without incident. Occasionally, though – and perhaps more often than many parents realize – things go wrong. Doctors make mistakes. Complications go undetected until irreparable harm has been done.

As experienced Connecticut birth injury lawyers, we’ve encountered heartbreaking instances of medical negligence and error – including during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and newborn care. Birth injuries are particularly troubling because they impact their victims at the very beginning of their lives. Often, the injuries cause problems for years to come, and they may even be permanent.

The information we share here isn’t intended to worry expectant parents. It’s important to know, though, that doctor error is no once-in-a-blue-moon mishap. Families face the catastrophic consequences of medical malpractice and birth injury all around this country, every single day.

We offer passionate and aggressive legal advocacy to birth injury victims and their families. We know how to maximize their recoveries and put them in the best possible position for success, whether in a settlement or a trial. If you or your precious baby has suffered unfairly because of a medical professional’s negligence, please contact us today.

What Are the Main Causes of Birth Injuries?

While some birth injuries are unavoidable, the reality is that obstetricians, midwives, and other medical professionals often have an opportunity to prevent these injuries. Indeed, many birth complications occur as a result of a doctor’s inexperience or carelessness. Never assume that you don’t have a case, or that your injuries were “just an accident,” without consulting a legal professional first.

Common causes of birth injuries in Connecticut include:

  • Improper birthing techniques
  • Oxygen deprivation
  • Failure to respond to complications appropriately or in a timely manner during labor or delivery
  • Failure to identify and treat conditions like Rh incompatibility, maternal or fetal infection, gestational diabetes, etc.
  • Delegation of an important procedure to an inexperienced junior staff member
  • Confusing the infant’s heart rate with the mother’s during monitoring
  • A delay in performing medically necessary Cesarean section deliveries
  • Miscalculating the size of the baby, resulting in traumatic delivery
  • Using excessive force during delivery or causing injury with tools like forceps
  • Mishandling the baby’s skull
  • Physically dropping the baby during or after delivery

When Can a Medical Professional Be Held Liable for a Birth Injury?

When doctors, nurses, hospitals, or healthcare providers fail to meet their profession’s high standards of care, they can be held accountable for the suffering that the parents and infants are likely to face in the future. Most often, that means financial compensation for the physical pain, emotional distress, financial loss, and long-term complications associated with the birth injury.

As Connecticut birth injury attorneys, our job is to help parents recover the full compensation they’re owed. Hospitals, physicians’ groups, and insurance companies can make the path to justice a challenging one. But with an experienced legal team on your side, you can hold those parties accountable without having to fight a battle on your own. We’ll fight it for you.

Parents: Contact Our Birth Injury Lawyers Right Away

If your family is left reeling or financially devastated after a birth complication that you suspect could have been avoided, please get in touch with our Connecticut birth injury attorneys as soon as possible.

These cases can be challenging on so many levels, and you can expect the negligent parties to put up a considerable fight. That’s why experienced representation matters so much. Our firm has won one hard-fought birth injury victory after another. We believe that we could make a significant difference with your claim, too.

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