Naugatuck Personal Injury Lawyer

A sudden accident can completely upend your life. In a matter of seconds, your life can go from mundane to chaotic. If you suffer a severe injury, you might face many challenges. As you work to recuperate from your physical and emotional injuries, you might struggle financially, especially if you are out of work because of your injuries. You could be facing a lot of bills for medical and living expenses, with no means to pay them.

Fortunately, a Naugatuck personal injury lawyer might have the solution. With the help of the skilled attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna, you could pursue full and fair compensation for your losses in a civil suit.

How Personal Injury Claims Work

If an injured person suspects that someone else did something or neglected to do something that led to their injury, they could sue the negligent party. If they prevail in their civil claim, a court could hold the wrongdoer legally and financially accountable for the injured person’s losses. The injured person could use the monetary compensation to gain access to costly but necessary medical treatments. The damages award could cover their medical and living expenses and ease their financial burden. In addition, an injured person could pursue recovery of other, more subjective damages, such as pain and suffering and mental anguish.

Succeeding in a personal injury claim can be difficult without the help of a legal professional. Insurance companies and defense attorneys work hard to deny liability and reduce payments. The best way to have a strong chance of recovering fair compensation is to work with a knowledgeable Naugatuck personal injury attorney.

Reasons for Filing a Personal Injury Suit

When one party’s negligence, carelessness, recklessness, or intentional misconduct causes harm to someone else, the injured person could have a viable personal injury claim. There are many different scenarios where personal injury claims can arise, including auto accidents, a doctor’s negligence, slips and falls, injuries on the job, and more.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Sadly, careless and reckless motorists get behind the wheel every day. Their mistakes can lead to life-threatening injuries and deaths. People in other cars, on bicycles, on motorcycles, or on foot can all suffer the consequences of their wrongful actions.

Medical Malpractice Incidents

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical technicians, and all other healthcare practitioners have a duty to act reasonably and responsibly to their patients. When medical workers make careless mistakes, they can seriously harm their patients.

Premises Liability Accidents

Landowners, landlords, and business owners are responsible for ensuring that their properties do not contain dangerous hazards that could cause someone to suffer a severe injury. Some of the most common property hazards include broken steps, missing handrails, slippery surfaces, inadequate lighting, and poor security.

Workplace Accidents

Even with numerous safety improvements, people still suffer on-the-job injuries, especially at construction sites and manufacturing plants.

Regardless of the exact cause of an injury, a Naugatuck personal injury attorney can investigate the accident to identify the at-fault party and seek appropriate compensation.

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Every injury case is different. Injuries can vary in severity, and the resulting consequences can differ for everyone. Working with a legal representative who understands these differences and treats each case individually and carefully is critical.

Our team at Berkowitz Hanna knows how to skillfully investigate claims and negotiate for the best results. A Naugatuck personal injury lawyer can keep you well informed at every step of the legal process as they fight on your behalf. Call today to get started.