Bridgeport Cardiology Malpractice Lawyer

No other type of accident, illness, or even criminal act causes more deaths in the United States every year than heart disease, which means cardiologic specialists in the medical field are especially important to keeping Americans healthy. Unfortunately, while most cardiologists provide all their patients with the same level of considerate care, there are those who instead let patients come to harm by engaging in negligent behavior or failing to account for negligence by one of the many nurses, technicians, and primary care physicians they may work with.

Any medical error that leads to someone suffering avoidable harm from a heart problem could be grounds for civil litigation. If you suspect that a provider’s negligence played a role in a medical error that seriously harmed you or a loved one, contact a Bridgeport cardiology malpractice lawyer right away. By working with a malpractice attorney who has experience handling similar claims successfully in the past, you can give yourself the best chances possible of securing fair and prompt compensation.

What Does Cardiology Malpractice Look Like?

Importantly, “malpractice” is not quite the same thing as traditional negligence that might justify a lawsuit following a car crash or an injury on someone’s private property. To be considered “negligent” and therefore liable for a patient’s damages, a medical professional must have directly caused those damages by violating the “standard of care” applicable in a specific situation. This means that the provider must have acted in a way that an equally qualified expert would not have acted if faced with the same circumstances.

With this in mind, malpractice may occur at any point during the cardiologic treatment process, including:

  • Failing to order an electrocardiogram
  • Failing to identify heart problems or previous heart attacks
  • Putting a patient on medications with dangerous combined side effects
  • Not treating cardiac arrest or other heart problems appropriately if they arise

As a Bridgeport cardiology malpractice attorney can explain, the specific nature of a provider’s alleged misconduct has little to no bearing on ensuing litigation. So long as harm resulted directly from a doctor’s failure to act reasonably in accordance with their expertise and experience, a claim may be possible.

Rules for Pursuing a Bridgeport Malpractice Claim

A plaintiff who proves they were avoidably hurt due to cardiology malpractice can demand restitution for all economic and non-economic consequences of that misconduct, including both past and future losses. Fortunately for plaintiffs in Connecticut, state law imposes no caps on how much compensation a single person may seek, so it is possible to recover the full value of all compensable losses.

However, state law does require that prospective malpractice plaintiffs seek formal support from a qualified medical expert prior to filing suit. This takes the form of a signed written statement affirming that a legally actionable breach in the standard of care occurred and that said breach was the primary cause of the specific losses the plaintiff is seeking recovery for. Guidance from a skilled lawyer can be vital to efficiently complying with this and other procedural requirements when filing a cardiology malpractice claim in Bridgeport.

Speak with a Bridgeport Cardiology Malpractice Attorney Today

Failure by a medical professional to appropriately manage a patient’s heart problems is among the most dangerous forms medical negligence can take. Anyone who sustains preventable injury or illness under circumstances like this should make an effort to understand and take advantage of their right to demand civil compensation.

A conversation with a seasoned Bridgeport cardiology malpractice lawyer can provide you with a path forward that best suits your specific situation. Schedule a free consultation at Berkowitz Hanna today to get started.