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Misdiagnosis – A Growing Issue

Written by Berkowitz

medical malpractice lawyerIn the United States, there are an estimated 12 million adults who seek outpatient medical care and are misdiagnosed. The study released by BMJ Quality and Safety states that one out of every 20 adult patients suffers from misdiagnosis, and half of those misdiagnoses have the potential for serious harm.

Another study from Kaiser Health News states that 10 to 20 percent of patient cases are misdiagnosed, while 28% of diagnostic mistakes studied were considered life-threatening or resulted in death. Harvard University found that misdiagnosis accounted for 14% of adverse events, and 75% of those misdiagnosis cases could be considered negligent.

Holding Physicians Accountable

While physicians are not perfect, they are expected to make informed decisions and adequate diagnoses based on their expertise and within a reasonable scope of care. Therefore, if other professionals in a similar situation would have come to the right diagnosis – that is, the physician failed to diagnose within medical reason – they are legally liable for the results.

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