Bridgeport Stevens Johnson Syndrome Lawyer

When you get sick, you probably trust that there is a cure in your medicine cabinet. Living in the 21st century, we have easy access to modern medications that can treat almost every common ailment. And, if we cannot find an over-the-counter cure, we can usually turn to doctors for a prescription medication to help us feel better.

Unfortunately, people sometimes suffer dangerous side effects from taking medication. A severe skin disorder known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is one of the most dangerous adverse reactions.

If you or your family member developed this condition, you should meet with a Bridgeport Stevens-Johnson Syndrome lawyer to discuss your legal options. A knowledgeable medical malpractice attorney at Berkowitz Hanna can help you understand your legal options.

What is Stevens-Johnson Syndrome?

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is a rare, debilitating condition that some people develop as a reaction to certain medications. It often starts with a fever or other flu-like symptoms. It then progresses to a painful skin rash with red spots and blisters. Blisters can also occur on the ears and eyes and in the mouth. The skin can cause burns inside a person’s body, causing the patient’s top layer of skin to fall off. In addition to scarring and pain, some people lose their teeth or eyesight, while others suffer irreparable damage to their kidneys, heart, or lungs. Most patients require treatment in a hospital’s burn center or intensive care center. Some people require hospitalization for weeks or even months. Sadly, some people develop fatal complications and lose their lives due to this preventable illness.

A compassionate attorney understands how traumatic a Stevens-Johnson Syndrome diagnosis can be. They can work closely with the injured person and their family to help them obtain what they need to help maximize their chances of a healthy recovery. In the sad event that Stevens-Johnson Syndrome causes a loved one to lose their life, a skilled Bridgeport attorney can help a family pursue justice by holding the manufacturers of the defective medication that led to the syndrome accountable in a wrongful death suit.

Potential Defendants in a Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Lawsuit

There might be more than one source of liability in a Stevens-Johnson Syndrome case.

Negligent Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Many different drugs can lead to Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. Most commonly, the condition develops in certain people after taking antibiotics, anti-convulsants, and anti-inflammatory medications. Some of the medicines require prescriptions, while others are common over-the-counter drugs. Even if a patient is unsure which drug caused the syndrome, they should still meet with an experienced attorney. A dedicated legal team can review the medications the patient took in an effort to determine if they have a potentially successful legal claim against a drug manufacturer.

Negligent Physicians

The quickest and easiest way to stop the progression of this skin condition is to stop the medication that causes it. If a patient’s doctor fails to recognize the condition and lets them continue the drug treatment, that could be malpractice.

A diligent Stevens-Johnson Syndrome attorney can investigate to learn more about a Bridgeport patient’s condition and who could potentially bear legal responsibility.

Reach Out to a Bridgeport Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Attorney

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome can change your life. You might never fully recover from the skin condition, and you could be left with costly medical bills and other expenses from your treatment.

While a settlement or lawsuit will not undo the harm you suffered, it could give you the means to pay for your medical treatments and bills so that you can begin to move forward. Contact Berkowitz Hanna today to set up your free consultation with a Bridgeport Stevens Johnson Syndrome lawyer.