Bridgeport Chiropractor Malpractice Lawyer

Chiropractic adjustments can offer relief from pain and increase range of motion and functionality. However, like any medical treatment, chiropractic manipulation carries risks.

When a chiropractor makes a mistake or performs incompetently, patients might suffer significant injuries. Depending on the severity and permanence of the injury, a negligent chiropractor could owe an injured patient substantial compensation.

Talk to a Bridgeport chiropractor malpractice lawyer at Berkowitz Hanna about any injuries you might have suffered after receiving an adjustment or other treatment. One of our experienced medical malpractice attorneys can review your case and explain your compensation options.

Common Injuries Resulting from Chiropractic Treatment

Many people find that chiropractic manipulation of the spine and neck can relieve pain, increase their range of motion, speed recovery from injury, and help them continue participating in activities they enjoy as they age. However, even people who might benefit from spinal adjustment can sustain serious injuries if the chiropractor lacks appropriate judgment or skill. 

Common injuries caused by negligent chiropractors include:

  • Increased pain in a different location
  • Nerve damage
  • Reduced mobility
  • Fractures
  • Herniated disk
  • Spinal cord injury, leading to paralysis in severe cases
  • Stroke

Stroke is a fairly common complication of chiropractic adjustments to the neck. Anyone who experiences a stroke within a month of a chiropractic adjustment should seek help from a Bridgeport attorney.

There are risks with any medical procedure, but a chiropractor must fully inform patients of any risks before performing an adjustment. In addition, a chiropractor should check the patient’s history for signs that treatment might be contraindicated and ensure the patient is not suffering from a condition that requires a medical doctor. A chiropractor who fails to complete these steps could be considered legally negligent. 

Chiropractic Care Must Meet an Appropriate Standard

A chiropractor is a licensed medical professional. Chiropractors undergo years of training and pass strenuous examinations before they receive a license. When a licensed chiropractor does not practice the profession competently, they can face legal consequences.

Connecticut General Statute §52-184c sets the standard for medical professionals, stating that they must provide care that reflects the degree of skill that other professionals with similar training and experience would consider appropriate and acceptable. If a health care provider like a chiropractor does not provide that level of care, they are negligent.

Patients who can prove they were injured by negligent chiropractors can pursue compensation for their losses. A Bridgeport chiropractic negligence attorney can have a medical expert review a patient’s medical records to uncover evidence of negligence before filing a malpractice lawsuit.

Damages Available in a Chiropractic Malpractice Case

A negligent chiropractor is responsible for paying any medical or other healthcare treatment expenses the patient incurred due to their injury. Patients might also be entitled to reimbursement for lost income, emotional suffering, disability, lost enjoyment of life, and physical pain.  

An injured patient must prove their damages. The patient can document their medical expenses and lost wages through invoices, insurance explanation of benefits statements, tax returns, and employment records. A Bridgeport attorney can help a patient and their family demonstrate their non-economic losses through testimony, medical and pharmacy records, photographs, and video.

Work with a Bridgeport Chiropractor Malpractice Attorney

When you go to a chiropractor hoping to feel better, it is disheartening to leave feeling worse. If your chiropractor caused you serious harm, you deserve compensation for your injuries.

A Bridgeport chiropractor malpractice lawyer knows how to prove chiropractic negligence and obtain appropriate compensation for injured patients. Contact Berkowitz Hanna to discuss your options with a dedicated legal professional. Your initial consultation is completely free.