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Pharmacists are more than just pill dispensers — they are an essential part of your healthcare team. Reviewing your prescribed medication, checking for potential interactions and allergies, and warning you of potential adverse reactions are all critical parts of their job. Failing to do any of those things can constitute negligence, providing a basis for a medical malpractice claim

If a pharmacist’s mistake left you suffering serious harm, you may be entitled to damages. A Bridgeport pharmacy malpractice lawyer can provide you with the information you need to determine whether to pursue a claim. 

Dispensing the Wrong Medication

Ensuring that patients have the proper medication and dose is a pharmacist’s priority. Giving patients the correct medication and dosing instructions are essential functions that they should perform every time they dispense medication. 

Modern pharmacies are very busy. Pharmacy technicians handle taking prescription orders, filling them, and giving them to patients. Verifying those prescriptions is the pharmacist’s job. A busy day with a distracted pharmacist can lead to potentially fatal mistakes. They may confuse similar-sounding medications, approve the wrong dosage, or even mix up bottles of medication. 

Receiving and taking the wrong medication can have serious consequences. First, the patient is not getting the medicine that they need. They may instead take a drug that they do not need. While medications can be life-saving for people who need them, they can lead to severe and even fatal health complications for people who do not. Anyone who suspects that a pharmacist’s negligence is the cause of their injuries should speak with a Bridgeport lawyer about their legal options.

Failure to Advise

Pharmacists should provide patients with the necessary information about their medication. That includes time of day, any potential interactions, and any special instructions. Unfortunately, with bustling pharmacies and overtaxed pharmacists and techs, skipping consultations is commonplace, which can lead to uninformed patients making critical mistakes.

If the medication has known risks, it is the pharmacist’s job to advise the patient of those risks. A pharmacy malpractice lawyer in Bridgeport can pursue a malpractice claim if a failure to advise leads to injuries.

Failure to Check for Allergies and Interactions

Some medications are perfectly safe for most people but can cause allergic reactions in others. Other drugs are fine on their own but can have dangerous — even deadly — interactions with other medications. Pharmacists need to know whether a patient has any allergies. They should also get a complete list of a patient’s medications, including over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements. 

If a pharmacist receives a prescription for a medication that is contraindicated, they should contact the prescribing doctor to get alternative medications. Some causes of contraindications include allergies, other medicines, or known health conditions. 

Fulfilling this duty requires the patient’s participation. Some patients use multiple pharmacies, failing to update pharmacists or their healthcare providers about all their medications or health conditions. 

A seasoned Bridgeport pharmacy malpractice attorney can review the details of a particular case to see whether a pharmacist failed to take the necessary steps to avoid harmful drug effects.

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Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have a duty to protect your health and well-being. When these providers fail to take the necessary steps to keep you safe, you should not have to shoulder the financial, physical, and emotional costs of their negligence. A medical malpractice claim could give you the compensation you need and deserve. Schedule a consultation with a Bridgeport pharmacy malpractice lawyer to learn more.