Bridgeport Birth Injury Lawyer

Mothers want the best for their newborn babies. Because of this, anticipating the birth of a child is a time of excitement, but also great anxiety. It is a reasonable concern to have that something could go wrong and harm your baby. Unfortunately, preventable mistakes can happen during deliveries.

If your worst fears were realized and your child suffered a birth injury, a dedicated malpractice attorney can help you seek compensation from the medical professionals responsible. Damages could provide funds to compensate for the child’s injuries and other losses you suffered.   

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Are Birth Injuries Preventable?

Difficulties during labor and delivery could result from inattentive prenatal care. If a mother presents risk factors like advanced age, obesity, gestational diabetes, or preeclampsia, she may be at risk for a difficult delivery and possible birth injuries.

Typically, mothers will have ultrasound tests during their pregnancies to help the obstetrical team monitor the fetus’ development. If the fetus weighs 8 pounds or more or has an unusually large head, vaginal delivery may be deemed dangerous. Instead, the healthcare providers might plan a Caesarian Section (C-Section). Failure to do so could lead to birth injuries.

Delaying the decision to do a C-Section when the baby is distressed could lead to significant injuries and even fetal death. Birth injuries could also happen if a physician improperly uses assistive devices like forceps or a vacuum extractor during vaginal delivery. If a care provider’s negligence caused a newborn to sustain a birth injury, a Bridgeport attorney can help the parents create a comprehensive claim for damages.

Severe Birth Injuries Could Have a Lifelong Impact

It is normal for babies to emerge from the womb with minor bruising and scrapes. A condition called subconjunctival hemorrhage causes blood to pool in the whites of the baby’s eyes, but like other cosmetic birth injuries, this condition usually resolves within a few days.

However, many birth injuries may cause a child significant discomfort and have permanent effects. Some common preventable birth injuries that might significantly impact a child’s life include:

  • Ocular injuries causing painful corneal abrasions or vitreous hemorrhages, which could cause visual impairment
  • Hemorrhages into the baby’s abdomen, which could cause shock and might require surgery to repair
  • Nerve damage to the neck, shoulder, or arm could cause Erb’s Palsy, which might lead to permanent paralysis or loss of sensation in the affected limb
  • Fractures that could require immobilization or even surgery
  • Spinal cord injuries that could cause infant death
  • Brain hemorrhages requiring surgical intervention
  • Cerebral Palsy (CP) resulting in motor impairment, intellectual disability, and developmental delays

Many birth injuries are readily apparent, but some may take some time to manifest. It is wise for a family to consult a Bridgeport infant injury attorney as soon as they suspect an error during pregnancy or delivery might have injured their child.

Bringing a Lawsuit for Birth Injuries

If a child suffers a birth injury due to a healthcare provider’s failure to meet a reasonable standard of care, the child’s parents could bring a medical malpractice lawsuit seeking damages. The damages could reimburse birth expenses and pay for care the child requires due to the injury. Compensation could also include payment for the child’s physical pain and the parents’ emotional anguish.

Medical malpractice lawsuits have some unique procedural requirements that a lawyer will make sure to follow. The General Statutes of Connecticut §52-190a requires a Bridgeport attorney to file a Certificate of Good Faith when they file a birth injury lawsuit. The certificate affirms that the attorney has solicited the opinion of medical experts who have agreed that there are grounds for a lawsuit alleging the healthcare provider was negligent.

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The birth of your newborn should be a time of celebration, not devastation and fear. If your child sustained a preventable injury during delivery, it is important to realize that you do have legal options.

Bringing a lawsuit cannot undo the injury, but the damages you receive could help you get your child all the treatment and additional support they need to reach their full potential. Contact a Bridgeport birth injury lawyer at Berkowitz Hanna as soon as possible to learn how we can help you.