Bridgeport Anesthesia Errors Lawyer

Whether it targets a specific part or area of the body or is used to render a patient completely unconscious, the proper application and management of anesthesia is essential to virtually every surgical procedure. Unfortunately, even a small mistake before, during, or even after the administration of anesthetics can have dire repercussions for patients, sometimes even resulting in fatal complications.

If you suffered harm because of negligence by your anesthesiologist or any healthcare professional working with them, speak with a Bridgeport anesthesia errors lawyer about your legal options. Through a civil claim, a dedicated malpractice attorney at Berkowitz Hanna can pursue the compensation you deserve.

Taking Legal Action after an Anesthesia Error

Legally actionable anesthesia errors can take numerous forms, each of which may lead to a slightly different civil claim. Before anesthesia is even administered, a failure to review a patient’s medical history for contraindications or thoroughly explain the upcoming procedure to the patient could give rise to litigation if it directly contributes to that patient sustaining avoidable injury.

The most straightforward—and often most dangerous—type of anesthesia error involves administering too much or too little anesthesia, the former of which can have deadly repercussions and the latter of which may result in a patient experiencing serious physical and psychological trauma during their procedure. Alternatively, various medical personnel may fail to properly monitor a patient who is currently under anesthesia, not address complications quickly and appropriately, or cause injury through the improper use of a breathing tube or injection.

Unfortunately, anesthesia errors can occur and may still cause serious harm even after a surgical procedure concludes. Leaving an anesthetized patient unmonitored or unconscious for too long after treatment ends can result in long-lasting and possibly permanent damage, as can failing to provide a patient with instructions for post-operative care. Anyone who suspects that a provider’s negligence led to harmful anesthesia errors during their treatment should reach out to a Bridgeport attorney right away.

Recovering for All Available Damages

The financial value of an anesthesia error malpractice case will vary depending on the specific injuries and medical complications the error in question causes, and the degree to which those issues negatively impact the affected patient’s life. With that in mind, compensable losses in an anesthesia mistake claim may include:

  • Costs of additional medical care
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Lost working capacity and/or short-term income while recovering
  • Psychological trauma
  • Lost enjoyment/quality of life

If malpractice directly leads to a patient’s premature death, surviving family members may have grounds to recover financially for their own ensuing losses through wrongful death litigation. An experienced anesthesia errors lawyer in Bridgeport can clarify during a free consultation what losses could be factored into a particular case.

Get in Touch with a Bridgeport Anesthesia Errors Attorney

Anesthesiologists are highly skilled and highly important to the normal operation of any hospital. However, these individuals—and the numerous nurses, technicians, and specialists who assist them—are still human, and humans sometimes make mistakes in the course of performing professional duties that have life-altering effects on the people whose care they have been entrusted with.

Assistance from a Bridgeport anesthesia errors lawyer can make all the difference in your ability to recover fair restitution after getting hurt under circumstances like this. Contact us at Berkowitz Hanna today to get started.