Bridgeport Radiology Malpractice Lawyer

Whether in the form of a standard X-ray or a more complex procedure like a CT scan or an MRI, radiological testing is a cornerstone of modern medical science. The radiologists who conduct these tests and then interpret their results play a critical role in the treatment process. While most of these professionals perform their duties without any issues or errors, there are unfortunately exceptions every now and then—and those exceptions sometimes have devastating and even deadly repercussions for patients.

If you suspect you did not receive the treatment you needed—or received the wrong treatment altogether—because of a mistake by a radiologist, speak with a malpractice attorney sooner rather than later about your options for filing a lawsuit. A capable Bridgeport radiology malpractice lawyer can help you understand what rights you have under state law, what course of action might be ideal for your circumstances, and what sort of recovery you could expect.

What Does Radiology Malpractice Look Like?

When performed correctly, radiological testing is very dependable and produces good results for careful and capable doctors to make use of. The vast majority of radiology malpractice claims made each year in Connecticut and around the United States involve an allegation that a radiologist or other treating physician failed to interpret test results correctly.

This massive mistake can stem from various smaller errors which may occur at various points in the treatment process. An individual radiologist may simply not notice an anomaly that a professional with their experience and training reasonably should have been able to identify, or they may lack the proper experience and training to interpret the results correctly.

In some situations, the source of a radiology error is simple miscommunication between different doctors or teams—everyone may just do their jobs correctly based on the information they believe they have without double-checking that they correctly heard or read what was communicated to them. Whatever the source of a particular error is, a seasoned Bridgeport radiology malpractice attorney can provide vital assistance with identifying how it happened and who may bear civil liability.

Establishing That Radiology Malpractice Occurred

State law prohibits individual patients from pursuing malpractice litigation based entirely on their own interpretation of events inside a hospital or other healthcare facility. Instead, they must make a “reasonable inquiry” into the matter with at least one qualified medical expert before they are allowed to file suit.

As per Connecticut General Statutes §52-190a, this process must result in the contacted expert(s) giving their opinion—signed and in writing—that, based on their review of available information and documentation, they believe grounds exist for a good-faith malpractice claim based on a likely breach in the standard of care. A knowledgeable Bridgeport radiology malpractice attorney can get in touch with the necessary professionals to facilitate the completion of this important step.

Get in Touch with a Skilled Bridgeport Radiology Malpractice Attorney

Radiologists are named as defendants in malpractice litigation more often than professionals in many other medical fields. However, that does not mean that a successful lawsuit is a given, especially if you try to pursue one without guidance from a legal professional.

With a Bridgeport radiology malpractice lawyer by your side, you stand a much better chance of proving that legally actionable negligence caused your injuries and recovering fairly for your losses. To discuss your case with a committed legal professional, set up your free consultation at Berkowitz Hanna today.