Shelton Internal Bleeding Malpractice Lawsuits

An injury that causes internal bleeding is exceptionally dangerous and could prove to be life-threatening without prompt medical care. Unfortunately, it is not unheard of for careless physicians to miss signs that a patient may be bleeding internally, or to not take appropriate action to address internal bleeding once it is identified. A provider may even cause internal bleeding themselves through their own misconduct.

Shelton internal bleeding malpractice lawsuits can be important means for injured patients to seek financial restitution for the effects of their doctor’s negligence. If you suspect that you or a loved one suffered internal bleeding because of a provider’s negligence, do not hesitate to contact an attorney. A knowledgeable medical malpractice lawyer at Berkowitz Hanna can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

How Does Internal Bleeding Malpractice Happen?

Internal bleeding is commonly seen in people who have just experienced a traumatic accident, such as a high-speed traffic collision or a trip and fall. Additionally, this injury can stem directly from medical misconduct. For example, a surgeon leaving a foreign object inside a patient’s body during a procedure or a primary care physician prescribing the wrong type or dosage of medication could lead to a patient bleeding internally.

No matter how the internal bleeding begins, any licensed medical professional should be able to identify symptoms of this condition and either address it themselves or ensure their patient receives the care they need elsewhere. Any failure by a healthcare provider to meet this standard of care—whether it entails misdiagnosing a patient’s underlying condition, not reading scans or test results correctly, or simply not taking a patient’s concerns or reported symptoms seriously—could possibly be the basis for an internal bleeding malpractice lawsuit in Shelton.

Taking Action Against a Negligent Healthcare Provider

A person who does not discover they are bleeding internally for several hours or even days after the bleeding starts can often still pursue malpractice litigation against the negligent physician. Any prospective plaintiff trying to recover compensation under circumstances like this must comply with numerous procedural requirements set by state law before their case can proceed.

The most substantial difference between a standard personal injury lawsuit and a Shelton internal bleeding malpractice claim is the “reasonable inquiry” requirement established by Connecticut General Statutes §52-190a. As an experienced lawyer can explain, the claimant must consult with a qualified medical expert about their case and obtain a written and signed affirmation from that expert stating that their case has merit.

Discuss a Possible Internal Bleeding Malpractice Lawsuit with a Shelton Attorney

Internal bleeding is a serious medical condition, and it is understandably frustrating if you suspect that a doctor’s negligence is what caused the bleeding in the first place. In this kind of situation, guidance from a skilled legal professional can be crucial to ensuring you do not end up shouldering the financial and personal burdens associated with your injury. The medical professional who provided you with substandard care should be held legally and financially accountable for their malpractice.

A knowledgeable legal professional can offer irreplaceable advice and legal support from beginning to end of your Shelton internal bleeding malpractice lawsuit. Call us today at Berkowitz Hanna to learn more.