Shelton Psychiatric Malpractice Lawyer

Mental health is just as important as physical health. When we struggle with our mental health, it can affect every aspect of our lives. Quality psychiatric care can often make a huge difference in people’s lives. On the other hand, psychiatric malpractice can lead to devastating problems.

If you believe a psychiatrist’s mistake harmed you or your loved one, you could be able to hold them accountable in a medical malpractice claim. A Shelton psychiatric malpractice lawyer at Berkowitz Hanna can walk you through every step of pursuing the compensation you deserve.

Proving Psychiatric Malpractice

People who seek psychiatric assistance deserve competent care. They have the right to receive treatment from a trained mental health professional who gives them the proper time, care, and respect. Unfortunately, mental health professionals cannot cure every psychiatric illness. Even with the best treatment plans and constant care, some patients do not respond positively. Not every negative outcome resulting from psychiatric care is indicative of malpractice.

To succeed in a mental health malpractice claim, a patient or their family would need to establish the elements of malpractice. They would need to show that there was a valid mental health professional-patient relationship, that the doctor acted unreasonably and violated their duty of care towards their psychiatric patient by neglecting or abusing their patient, and that the doctor’s actions resulted in harm to their patient.

The attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna have a proven record of helping Shelton psychiatric patients and their families recover damages for mental health mistakes made by professionals. They work closely with medical professionals who could serve as experts and provide evidence of how the psychiatric worker’s actions were unreasonably below the standard of care.

Examples of Mental Health Malpractice

When a mental health counselor’s actions cause a patient to suffer harm, this is indicative of malpractice. Shelton attorneys can provide more information on specific types of psychiatric malpractice, although some of the more common examples are as follows:

Lack of Consent

Unless a judge has deemed them legally incompetent, patients have the right to consent to the treatments they undergo and the drugs they take. Forcing a patient to take drugs without getting their full consent could constitute malpractice.


Psychiatrists need to make informed diagnoses about a patient’s state of mind. Misdiagnoses or failure to diagnose a recognizable condition could lead to significant harm. For instance, giving a patient the wrong medications could alter their state of mind and cause them to act differently.

Physical or Sexual Abuse by a Clinician

When mental health care practitioners abuse the trust of their patients, they can cause longstanding psychological damage.


Mental health professionals need to provide quality care. If they are overworked or the facility is burdened with too many patients, the patients could suffer. The patient might not receive proper supervision.

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When people seek psychiatric assistance, they deserve competent care. Mistakes in treatment can lead to even more harm. Our compassionate attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna understand how damaging psychiatric mistakes can be and can fight for justice and accountability.

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