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We all understand that regular dental visits are important, even if they are sometimes unpleasant. Unfortunately, some dental visits go past the point of discomfort and into the realm of injuries. When a dental technician or dentist makes a careless mistake that causes you to suffer a severe injury, you might be eligible to seek financial compensation.

Our award-winning malpractice team at Berkowitz Hanna is here to help in these situations. A Shelton dentistry malpractice lawyer can explain the legal options available to you during a free case consultation.

Common Dental Errors that Lead to Malpractice Claims

Some of the common dental mistakes we see include:

  • Use of faulty dental products
  • Improper use of anesthesia
  • Failure to properly sterilize dental tools, leading to the spread of infections
  • Nerve damage and injury to tissues and bones in the mouth from applying too much pressure or misuse of dental instruments
  • Failure to completely remove all tooth or bone fragments from a pulled tooth or other dental procedure
  • Failure to obtain full informed consent before performing a dental procedure on a patient
  • Failure to review a patient’s medical history before performing a procedure or giving them medication – For example, patients with heart murmurs often need to take an antibiotic before undergoing anesthesia for a dental procedure. If a dental office fails to review the patient’s chart and does not take the heart murmur into consideration, the patient could suffer serious heart complications.
  • Fractured jaws or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems

Not every dental mistake constitutes actionable malpractice. A Shelton dentistry negligence attorney can look into a particular situation and determine what legal options are available.

Consequences of Dentistry Malpractice

Negligent dental care can cause devastating injuries. When hygienists, dental assistants, or dentists are not careful during cleanings and other dental procedures, they can do serious harm, such as severing the patient’s nerves and drastically limiting their ability to taste, speak, or feel in the affected area. Some patients suffer infections that can lead to brain injuries; some others develop serious blood clots.

Dental offices are responsible for more than just cleaning people’s teeth. They regularly perform oral surgeries, such as wisdom tooth extractions and root canals. They are also supposed to check patients for possibly life-threatening medical conditions such as tongue and oral cancer. When dentists fail to perform thorough screenings, they might miss cancerous or precancerous lesions. Any delay in the diagnosis of a serious health condition such as oral cancer could result in a delay in treatment, which could allow the condition time to worsen.

Dental mistakes can have physical, emotional, and financial ramifications. In addition to causing physical pain, patients often face costly dental bills. They might need to undergo additional dental procedures to correct the damage done by the mistake. They might be unable to work during their recovery, resulting in lost wages and financial strain. The mental stress of painful injuries can lead to a diminished quality of life. A Shelton dentistry malpractice attorney can fight for fair and prompt compensation on behalf of an injured patient.

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A dental mistake can do more than just inconvenience a patient. Some patients face life-threatening complications that can permanently alter their lives. They deserve compensation for what they have endured.

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