Shelton Nursing Malpractice Lawyer

In a hospital, nurses are frequently the medical workers who see and have the most contact with their patients. While doctors are the ones who oversee the big picture, they might only meet face-to-face with the people under their care for brief meetings once or twice a day. Nurses closely monitor and spend a lot of time with people, often building trusting relationships. Unfortunately, nurses sometimes violate that trust by making careless or reckless mistakes.

If a nursing error left you or a family member seriously hurt, you might have options for legal recourse via a medical malpractice claim. A dedicated Shelton nursing malpractice lawyer can meet with you to discuss your case and next steps.

Typical Nursing Duties

Shelton nurses in hospitals and other settings, like offices and clinics, have many different duties under the scope of their job.

Monitoring Patients

Closely monitoring patients is a large nursing responsibility. While nurses are not responsible for making diagnoses like a physician would do, they are supposed to notice if there are any changes in a person’s condition. They need to check blood pressure and vital signs and record that information. They also need to assess people for signs of infections and other complications. If a nurse misses a change in someone’s condition or if they notice a problem and forget to report it to the physician in charge, that patient could suffer serious health consequences.

Following a Doctor’s Instructions

Nurses are supposed to follow the orders of doctors regarding patient care. Failing to follow a physician’s orders can have serious consequences. For instance, while it is the doctor’s duty to prescribe the medication, it is often up to the nurse to administer it. If a nurse gives a patient the wrong dosage or drug, the effects can be dangerous and even fatal.

When Nursing Errors Amount to Malpractice

It is important to note that not all mistakes made by nurses amount to legally actionable malpractice. Nursing malpractice occurs when nurses make unreasonable, substandard mistakes that cause harm to patients. Although some errors are inevitable, malpractice happens when those mistakes fall below the accepted standard of nursing care. Nursing errors that our Shelton attorneys commonly see include:

  • Failure to assess and monitor people, including not recognizing symptoms or signs of an infection or medical condition
  • Incorrectly documenting care, such as writing down the wrong vital signs or forgetting to write everything down
  • Not alerting a doctor to changes in somebody’s condition
  • Failure to intervene when they see a medical emergency or other problem
  • Improperly using a medical tool or instrument during a patient evaluation or treatment
  • Giving the wrong medication or dosage

When you suspect nursing malpractice, it is crucial to take legal action right away. In addition to seeking damages from the negligent nurse, a diligent legal team could also look to see if the nurse’s employer is somehow responsible for the nurse’s errors. For instance, many hospitals are understaffed, forcing a few nurses to care for too many patients, which can result in substandard care and neglect.

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Nurses play a crucial role in caring for patients. They are often the people who see patients the most and know the most about their conditions. Hardworking nurses save many patients’ lives, but when they act carelessly, their mistakes can have life-altering effects.

If you suspect that a nursing error harmed you or a family member, do not wait to take legal action. Talk to a Shelton nursing malpractice lawyer at our office today.