Shelton Anesthesia Errors Lawyer

Whether local, regional, or general, the careful use of anesthetic is a crucial component of almost every modern surgical procedure. Unfortunately, even small mistakes before, during, or after anesthetizing a patient could result in serious physical and sometimes even fatal harm. This can cause numerous financial and personal losses for the impacted individual.

If your anesthesiologist or someone assisting them did something reckless or careless while treating you, a seasoned medical malpractice attorney at Berkowitz Hanna can help you seek civil recovery for the damages sustained. These types of cases may be uniquely complicated, even compared to other malpractice claims, so having help from a knowledgeable Shelton anesthesia errors lawyer will be vital in protecting your best interests.

Causes and Effects of Anesthesia Errors

Every individual patient is unique in terms of the type of anesthetic that works best for them and the amount necessary to achieve the desired effect. Using too little anesthetic could lead to a patient waking up or feeling substantial pain during a procedure. Alternatively, using too much could cause traumatic damage to a patient’s brain, heart, and nervous system.

Administering the incorrect dosage is just one of many common types of anesthesia errors. For example, a doctor who does not properly inform patients about the risks associated with their anesthetic and how they should prepare for their surgery could be considered negligent. If a medical professional does not carefully review a patient’s medical history to identify allergies or contraindications for a particular anesthetic, they could be held liable for any consequent harm the patient suffers.

Serious physical trauma may occur if a physician administers anesthesia in an incorrect way, does not ensure an anesthetized patient has a steady oxygen supply and vital signs, inserts an intubation tube incorrectly, or fails to address complications appropriately during a procedure. As an experienced Shelton attorney can affirm, some anesthesia errors even happen after surgery has concluded, when a patient is left anesthetized for too long or is not given thorough instructions for post-operative care.

Filing Requirements for Anesthesia Malpractice Claims

While any of the circumstances above could possibly give rise to a malpractice claim, there are several steps prospective plaintiffs must take to ensure their lawsuit complies with applicable state statutes. Most notably, individuals allegedly harmed by medical negligence must make a “reasonable inquiry” into whether they have good-faith grounds to file suit, in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes §52-190a.

On top of consulting with a qualified medical expert about their case, the plaintiff must obtain a signed written statement from that expert affirming that, in the expert’s opinion, available evidence indicates that legally actionable malpractice occurred. Guidance from a seasoned anesthesia errors lawyer in Shelton is crucial in meeting this filing requirement in a timely manner.

Get Help from a Shelton Anesthesia Errors Attorney

Medical mistakes involving anesthesia tend to have especially severe consequences, sometimes to the point of causing permanent damage to a patient’s quality of life. Even if it seems obvious which careless medical professional is to blame for your damages, it can be prohibitively difficult to hold them civilly accountable for these losses without professional legal guidance.

A capable Shelton anesthesia errors lawyer can provide the custom-tailored support you need to pursue the compensation you deserve. Schedule a free consultation by calling us at Berkowitz Hanna today.