Shelton Pharmacy Malpractice Lawyer

While mistakes made by physicians and nurses make up a large amount of malpractice cases, doctors are not the only healthcare workers who can make these errors. Some of the most dangerous consequences come from pharmaceutical mistakes. People can become very sick or even die due to drug errors.

If you suspect a drug mistake caused you or your family member serious harm, do not wait to take legal action. Discuss your concerns with a Shelton pharmacy malpractice lawyer right away.

Different Types of Pharmacy Errors

Pharmacy malpractice cases can arise from a number of different situations. Some of the most common drug errors made by pharmacists include:

  • Failure to obtain a medical history from the patient in order to learn if the patient has any allergies to particular classes of drugs and also to determine if the patient is taking any other medications that could counteract the proposed new drug
  • Giving the wrong medication
  • Giving a patient the wrong dosage
  • Failure to tell the patient about the known side effects, risks, and potential drug counteractions of the proposed medication
  • Mixing up prescriptions by giving one patient another patient’s medication
  • Misinterpreting a doctor’s prescription order
  • Giving expired medication
  • Providing information on the wrong drug in the included inserts with the prescription bottle

Many of these mistakes occur when pharmacists are overworked. Often, pharmacies are understaffed or filled with support staff who have not received adequate training. A Shelton lawyer can look deeper into a pharmacy error case to determine whether malpractice actually occurred.

Pharmacy Errors Have Serious Consequences

Some patients are fortunate and suffer only mild side effects from drug mistakes. Others suffer life-threatening illnesses. Often, the extent of the effect that a drug has on a patient depends on the patient’s overall health, such as whether the patient suffered from any pre-existing health conditions. A wrong drug’s effect on a patient can also vary based on how long the patient takes it before stopping, the type of drug, and the dosage.

When people take the wrong drug or dosage, they can suffer internal organ damage, brain injuries, nerve damage, seizures and convulsions, heart attacks, strokes, and blood pressure changes. If a pharmacist gives a patient the wrong drug, their current medical condition can also worsen, leading to potentially life-threatening complications.

Patients in Shelton who learn they have been taking the wrong medication or dosage should immediately seek medical care to learn of the possible side effects. They should also consult with a knowledgeable attorney to learn about their legal options.

Set Up Your Free Consultation With a Shelton Pharmacy Malpractice Attorney

Taking the wrong drug or dosage can lead to serious health consequences. You deserve the right to pursue justice and accountability in a legal suit. However, lawsuits involving drug errors can be legally complicated. Working with a trusted and experienced Shelton pharmacy malpractice lawyer can make all the difference in how your case turns out.

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