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One of the most frightening statistics in all of the medicine is that “medical errors” are the third-leading cause of death in the U.S., exceeding even accidental deaths. This is the conclusion of a study led by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, perhaps the nation’s premier medical school. This distressing figure does not even include non-fatal harm. With these statistics, it is important to find an experienced Shelton Malpractice Lawyers to stand by your side.

Over the years, a great many of our medical malpractice clients have hailed from various neighborhoods in Shelton, CT including Huntington, White Hills, Coram Gardens, and Booth Hill Road. This is unsurprising, of course, since we maintain an office on Corporate Drive. They all needed someone to fight for them against a stubborn and recalcitrant medical establishment.

What to Expect

Health care providers exhibit a strong tendency to “fight to the finish” when presented with medical malpractice claims because, rightly or wrongly, they consider such claims to be attacks upon their reputations. The advantage the defendant enjoys, however, is that the defendant is seldom unable to pay the full amount of the claim.

Although we cannot guarantee specific results in any particular case, our track record proves that we know what we’re doing. The following are some examples of the recoveries obtained by our clients in malpractice cases in Shelton:

  • $9,000,000 for a negligent delivery that left our infant client with severe brain damage
  • $6,100,000 for an anesthesia error that left our client with permanent paralysis
  • $5,250,000 for a medical error that caused a stroke and left our client permanently paralyzed
  • $4,850,000 for medical negligence that left our infant client with a serious brain injury

Client Testimonial

“Couldn’t have found a better law firm. Smart, hard-working and highest ethical standard. Thank you!”

– Oguz Tanrikulu

April 13, 2016

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In addition to medical malpractice, we commonly handle cases in the following related areas:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the statute of limitations for medical malpractice?

The statute of limitations is the deadline by which you must file a lawsuit or forever sacrifice your claim. The Connecticut medical malpractice statute of limitations is:

  • Two years after the date of the injury; or

  • Two years after the injury was discovered or should have been discovered. For example, you might not know immediately if a doctor left a medical instrument inside your body after surgery; or

  • Within three years of the act or omission that led to the injury (failure to diagnose a dangerous condition, for example).

Loopholes apply under limited circumstances. In any case, consult with your attorney, because calculating these deadlines can be tricky.

Do I need another doctor on my side to win a malpractice case?

Yes, for all practical purposes you do. Another doctor is needed to qualify as an expert witness to testify that your healthcare provider failed to meet the applicable standard of care when treating you. We can help you locate an expert witness.

What is a 'never' event?

A  “never” event is an event that should never happen during medical treatment, such as:

  • Accidentally leaving sponge or surgical instrument inside the patient’s body after surgery

  • Operating on the wrong patient

  • Operating on the wrong body part

  • Medication error leading to death

Obviously, it is much easier to win a malpractice claim if you can prove that a “never” event occurred.

Does a negative medical outcome establish medical malpractice?

Not necessarily. In some cases, the outcome may have been unavoidable while in other cases, the doctor’s mistake was minor or caused no serious harm. Malpractice occurs when your healthcare provider fails to meet a certain high standard of care.

Yes, You Can Afford Us – You Pay Nothing until You Win

You may have heard horror stories about lawyers and their “billable hours.” At Berkowitz Hanna, we don’t use a billable hour system for our medical malpractice clients. Instead, we operate on a contingency basis. Your bill is calculated as a percentage of the amount you receive — and if you receive nothing, you owe nothing. Your bill won’t come due until your money arrives. One of our talented Shelton Malpractice Lawyers will fight for the compensation you deserve.

Start on the Road to Victory Today; Call Skilled Shelton Medical Malpractice Attorneys

When it comes to the technical issues that are likely to be presented in just about any medical malpractice claim in Shelton, you need a professional in your corner. Admissible evidence must be assembled, expert witnesses must be contacted and, above all, you must be able to prove every penny of the damages you are claiming.

Now is the time for bold, decisive action. Contact Berkowitz Hanna today to schedule a no-obligation case evaluation with one of our proven Shelton Personal Injury and Malpractice Attorneys. Call 866-479-7909 or contact us online to get started.