Danbury Vaccine Injury Lawyer

We benefit from living in an age of great social and medical advancements. More hygienic living conditions make illnesses and infections less likely to spread. Doctors today also know significantly more about the human body, so they are often able to treat medical conditions that were previously uncurable. Vaccines offer one of the greatest medical advancements in preventing the spread of severe illnesses.

However, not every vaccine is safe for every patient. If you or your loved one suffered severe adverse effects after a vaccine, you might be eligible to pursue financial relief. A Danbury vaccine injury lawyer can help you understand your options. Our dedicated medical malpractice team at Berkowitz Hanna is ready to get to work for you.

Reasons Why Vaccines Harm Patients

Pharmaceutical manufacturers design vaccines to prevent people from suffering serious illnesses. Some side effects, such as fatigue, headache, minor pain at the injection site, and muscle weakness, are often expected after vaccines. However, immunization side effects are generally mild and temporary for most people. The side effects of a vaccine should not outweigh its projected benefits. If a vaccine injures too many people in either its testing phases or during immunization of actual patients, the government could remove the vaccine from the market to ensure it goes through additional safety testing. Sometimes, a vaccine with a safe formula can injure a patient due to a defective batch.

Even vaccines that are deemed relatively safe can sometimes harm patients. People can suffer a bad reaction from a poor immune response or because the vaccine had ingredients that were unsafe to them based on their medical history. Other times, patients suffer debilitating injuries due to improper administration of the immunization.

When a patient suffers a bad reaction, a dedicated legal team can investigate to learn why. An experienced Danbury vaccine injury attorney work with injured patients and their families to review the patient’s doctors’ actions to see if they were negligent. For instance, in the case of a patient suffering a dangerous allergic reaction to a vaccine, a lawyer can determine whether a responsible doctor would have advised the patient against taking the immunization. Sometimes, diligent physicians ensure that the patient receives their vaccine under special circumstances where they can carefully observe the patient for possible adverse reactions and be able to quickly treat them if an emergency arises.

Problems Caused By Immunizations

People can suffer a wide range of injuries due to vaccines, including the following:

  • Anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal, is a severe allergic reaction to a vaccine’s components
  • Shoulder and nerve injuries at the administration site of the vaccine due to incorrect placement of the immunization
  • Guillain-Barre syndrome, which results in muscle weakness and nerve damage and can lead to paralysis
  • Myelitis, which is a spinal cord inflammation that can cause nerve damage
  • Encephalitis, which can cause headaches, fevers, anxiety, depression, memory loss, seizures, and brain tissue inflammation

While many symptoms resolve over time, some people suffer permanent, debilitating effects after a vaccine. A Danbury vaccine injury attorney can help an injured patient understand their legal options in this situation.

Work with a Danbury Vaccine Injury Attorney

Vaccines are supposed to help people. When they cause more harm than good, injured patients deserve justice.

If you suffered a vaccine injury, the skilled legal professionals at Berkowitz Hanna can help determine what went wrong and who could be legally responsible for the cost of your losses. We can help you file a claim under the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program or under separate civil claims. Call today to schedule your free consultation with a Danbury vaccine lawyer.