Danbury Cardiology Malpractice Lawyer

All physicians have important jobs, but as a patient, you literally put your life in the hands of your cardiologist. If a cardiologist fails to discover a heart condition or does not provide proper treatment, the result could be fatal.

If you believe a cardiologist’s medical error harmed you, or if your loved one died and you believe a cardiologist may have been at fault, you have legal options to consider. If your cardiologist did not provide an acceptable standard of care, you could seek damages for all the losses you suffered as a result. To learn more about your potential compensation options, speak with a Danbury cardiology malpractice lawyer as soon as you can.

Basis for a Cardiology Malpractice Lawsuit

Not every poor medical outcome is the result of a cardiologist’s carelessness or incompetence. However, a cardiologist’s treatment might merit review if they misdiagnosed or failed to diagnose a patient, resulting in a worsening or fatal condition that might have been treated with earlier intervention. Similarly, failing to order procedures like cardiac catheterization might be a basis for an inquiry. If the cardiologist attempted an interventional procedure that failed, that too could be malpractice. Other common errors among cardiologists that might constitute malpractice are:

  • Failing to prescribe necessary medication
  • Prescribing the wrong medication
  • Neglecting to supervise the patient’s response to prescribed medication

Bringing a medical malpractice lawsuit requires a medical expert’s certification that there is a reasonable indication that the physician failed to meet the appropriate standard of care in the particular case. A Danbury cardiology malpractice attorney can submit a case to an expert for review before counseling an individual about whether to move forward.

Evidence in a Cardiology Malpractice Case

The backbone of a medical malpractice case is usually the patient’s medical record and expert testimony. In a cardiology case, both sides will typically present highly qualified specialists in the field to give their opinion about the care the patient received. In this battle of the experts, the goal of the Danbury malpractice attorney is to convince a jury that the cardiologist did not provide quality care commensurate with the knowledge and skills of other similarly trained cardiologists practicing in the area.

Damages in medical malpractice cases include sums to compensate for the suffering of the patient and their family. These individuals often will testify about the impact the cardiologist’s poor care had on their lives. Interestingly, Connecticut General Statutes §52-184d bars a jury from considering or hearing about any apology the cardiologist might have made regarding the outcome the patient experienced.

If the patient’s experts provide compelling evidence that the cardiologist failed to meet an acceptable standard of care, the action might settle before trial. Many insurers would rather pay out a sum to an injured patient or a grieving family than risk being hit with a large jury verdict at trial. Settlements could benefit patients and their families by providing a speedy resolution and ending the stress of bringing legal action.

Work with a Danbury Cardiology Malpractice Attorney on Your Claim

If a healthcare provider’s lack of care or skill harmed you or a family member, you are not without options for legal recourse. However, medical malpractice cases are complicated, and you will need an experienced advocate to prepare a successful case.

A Danbury cardiology malpractice has the skills and background to offer sound advice and tenacious representation. Contact us at Berkowitz Hanna today to get started.