Danbury Anesthesia Errors Lawyer

If you had an adverse response to anesthesia, a medical error could be to blame. The person responsible for administering the anesthesia might have used the wrong drug or provided the wrong dose. They might have administered it incorrectly or missed signs that your body was not responding as expected.

A Danbury anesthesia errors lawyer can help you take action against the medical professional whose carelessness or incompetence caused your suffering. With the help of a dedicated medical malpractice attorney at Berkowitz Hanna, you could be able to pursue fair compensation for your losses.

Anesthesia Injuries Could Cause Long-Term Consequences

Different forms of anesthesia are appropriate in different situations. If a procedure is minor and the patient is likely to feel pain only at the procedure site, local anesthesia that numbs that area around the site is the likely choice. Regional anesthesia blocks pain in a larger section of the body for a short time but does not induce unconsciousness. General anesthesia renders the patient unconscious and blocks pain perception throughout the body.

Any form of anesthesia could cause nausea, pain, and vomiting. If the anesthesia is ineffective, a patient could develop post-traumatic stress (PTSD) from experiencing a surgical procedure without protection from pain. Other significant conditions and injuries that might arise from anesthesia errors include:

  • Broken or damaged teeth
  • Confusion, anxiety, or delirium
  • Larynx injuries
  • Respiratory issues
  • Nerve damage
  • Anaphylaxis or other allergic reaction
  • Brain damage due to oxygen deprivation
  • Stroke or heart attack

Many significant reactions to anesthesia result from either a dosage error or a failure to monitor the patient while they are unconscious. Other reasons for complications include failure to warn the patient about pre-procedure restrictions on medication and food intake. Defective equipment might also cause complications. A medical malpractice attorney in Danbury can review the patient’s medical records to determine whether an error likely caused harm to the patient.

Actionable Negligence in Anesthesia Error Cases

Medicine is not an exact science, and anesthesia administration is not exact either. Sometimes a medical professional administering anesthesia does everything properly, and a patient still suffers complications.

The law does not hold medical professionals liable for every poor outcome. Instead, the medical professional must meet the prevailing standard of care. The standard of care required depends on all the circumstances surrounding the event that caused the complication or injury. It is a standard requiring reasonable care, not perfect care.

A medical expert could assess the standard of care in a specific case. The expert will consider whether the medical professional exercised the level of skill, competence, and sound judgment that a similarly credentialed medical provider would have exercised in similar circumstances. If not, the medical professional may have been guilty of committing medical malpractice. An experienced Danbury attorney can ensure that the right professionals are involved in an anesthesia errors case and take legal action against a negligent provider.

Initiating a Malpractice Lawsuit for an Anesthesia Error

A patient who suffered harm because of an anesthesia error could seek monetary damages from the professional who caused the injury. According to the General Statutes of Connecticut §52-190a, an individual who plans to file a lawsuit alleging medical malpractice must file a certificate with the court affirming that the individual has asked an appropriately credentialed medical professional to review the records of the patient’s treatment. The certificate states that the expert agreed that there is a legitimate question as to whether the patient received an appropriate standard of care.

When a patient consults a Danbury anesthesia errors attorney about seeking compensation for their damages, the legal professional will ask a medical expert in the specific specialty at issue to review the case. If the expert agrees that the patient did not receive appropriate care, the attorney can arrange for the expert to prepare the necessary certificate for the court. It is crucial to get an attorney involved as soon as possible, as these cases have certain filing deadlines.

Pursue Your Anesthesia Injury Claim with a Danbury Attorney

An anesthesia injury could leave you traumatized and debilitated. The trusted professional who caused your suffering should be held accountable for their lack of attentiveness or skill.

Contact a Danbury anesthesia errors lawyer as soon as you realize you are experiencing lingering side effects or injuries due to anesthesia. Together, you can seek financial compensation for all the tangible and intangible losses the anesthesia error has cost you. To get started, set up a free consultation with a dedicated member of our legal team today.