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Danbury Hospital, founded in 1885, is a 371-bed teaching hospital. It is a medical and research institution where interns and residents from Yale University School of Medicine, the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, and the University of Vermont College of Medicine see patients and accomplish some of their training.

Danbury Hospital opened in 1885 as a small community hospital. The School of Nursing was founded in 1893. Some interesting facts about the hospital:
• A number of buildings and numerous floors are connected (the tower building has 12 floors and the hospital is licensed for 371 beds for inpatients)
• When combined, the buildings’ square footage surpasses one million
• About 750 doctors see patients across the region
• With nearly 4,000 employees, the hospital has more workers than any other entity in the region; it is second in Fairfield County for the number of people employed
The hospital houses a number of clinical centers, including:
• Praxair Regional Heart and Vascular Center
• Center for Weight Loss Surgery
• Center for Advanced Orthopedic and Spine Care
• Radiology and Diagnostic Testing
• Women’s and Children’s Services

Study programs that are available in allied health professions include:
• Medical records
• Medical technology
• Radiologic technology
Additional training programs include clinical rotations for students of behavioral health and physical medicine physician assistant.
Clinical research is part of the hospital’s activities. It is conducting clinical trials in the following areas:
• Cancer (breast cancer, colon cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer, multiple myeloma, ovarian cancer and skin cancer)
• Cardiology
• Rheumatology

In 2010, Danbury Hospital joined with New Milford Hospital and its affiliates to form the Western Connecticut Health Network. The network serves patients in western Connecticut and nearby areas of New York.

Danbury Hospital Malpractice

Because Danbury Hospital is a learning center, it is crucial that the doctors check the work conducted by residents to ensure the safety of the patients. Mistakes such as misdiagnosis’ can cost patients their lives.

An example of such a mistake is discussed in an article by Greenwich Time According to the article, in 1999, Dr. Stanley Saperstein, a former physician in internal medicine at Danbury Hospital, was diagnosed with reflux esophagitis after complaining that he was having difficulties with his throat. Reflux esophagitis is an inflammation of the esophagitis caused by the reflux or backward flow of acid from the stomach. Later, in 2005, after he began to experience problems with his throat again, he was diagnosed with throat cancer.

In March 2007, Saperstein reportedly filed a lawsuit against the hospital and the pathologist who made the misdiagnosis. The lawsuit claimed the pathologist assigned the examination of the slides to a medical resident and that the pathologist did not properly review the resident’s findings. The suit was filed five months before Saperstein died. At a later date, the lawsuit was changed so Saperstein’s wife, Eleanor Saperstein, could sue on behalf of her husband’s estate. In 2010, a Superior Court judge ruled that the case could go to a jury trial unless a settlement was reached before that.

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