Danbury Internal Bleeding Malpractice Lawsuits

Internal injuries can often be even more dangerous than external injuries and even harder to identify and treat. This means it is crucial for doctors to be thorough and careful when examining patients who may have sustained serious internal trauma. Any physician who negligently fails to diagnose internal bleeding—or negligently causes a patient to experience internal bleeding—could bear civil liability for any harm that results.

Obtaining the compensation you deserve for internal bleeding and similar injuries caused by a doctor’s neglect may require a Danbury internal bleeding malpractice lawsuit, which is not something you should try to pursue all by yourself. Guidance from a malpractice attorney with experience handling claims of this unique nature can be key not only to establishing fault for the harm you sustained, but also to recovering for all the short-term and long-term effects this type of malpractice could have on you. Our team at Berkowitz Hanna has extensive experience handling cases like these and can work hard to get you the payments you deserve.

Possible Grounds for Internal Bleeding Malpractice Litigation

After someone has been in a traumatic accident, any physician examining and treating them afterward should take care to look for both external and internal injuries and provide treatment accordingly. A doctor who does not order CT scans or does not interpret the results of such testing appropriately and fails to treat internal bleeding appropriately as a result may violate the “standard of care.” In malpractice cases, the standard of care refers to the duty of care that is owed to a patient. If a provider does not act how physicians with similar experience and training practicing under similar conditions would, they could be held legally liable for breaching the standard of care.

In some situations, internal bleeding can result directly from an error by a medical practitioner—for example, a mistake during surgery like leaving a foreign object in a patient’s body after a procedure concludes or prescribing someone the wrong type or dosage of medication. Actions like these may likewise constitute breaches of an applicable standard of care and justify an internal bleeding malpractice lawsuit, as a Danbury attorney can further explain.

Reasonable Inquiry Requirements in Malpractice Cases

Regardless of exactly how internal bleeding occurs or how a physician failed to appropriately address it, an injured patient cannot file suit based solely on their own interpretation of a medical situation. Instead, in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes §52-190a, a prospective plaintiff must conduct a “reasonable inquiry” with at least one qualified medical expert regarding their claim and obtain a signed written statement affirming they have good-faith grounds to pursue compensation based on a standard of care breach. A knowledgeable attorney can get in touch with the right experts to make this process as seamless as possible.

Recovering Comprehensively for Available Damages

Unlike some other states, Connecticut does not impose any artificial limits—known as “caps”—on financial recovery for damages caused by medical negligence. This means a person harmed by internal bleeding malpractice in Danbury can recover through a lawsuit or settlement demand for the full value of all past and future consequences of their injuries.

Compensable losses may be economic or non-economic in nature, meaning they may have objective financial values or be completely subjective based on an individual plaintiff’s experiences. With that in mind, a comprehensive claim may account for additional medical expenses necessitated by a patient’s injuries, lost short-term work income, lost long-term earning capacity, physical and psychological pain, and lost overall quality and enjoyment of life.

Discuss a Possible Internal Bleeding Malpractice Lawsuit with a Danbury Attorney

Because internal bleeding may cause very few outwardly visible symptoms or none at all, it is unfortunately easy for reckless or careless doctors to miss it entirely when examining patients, potentially resulting in life-threatening harm. Fortunately, anyone injured because of such misconduct could have grounds to demand substantial financial restitution from the doctors or facilities responsible for allowing their injury to go untreated.

A Danbury internal bleeding malpractice lawsuit could be your best means of protecting your rights as well as your future prospects. To learn more, schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna. We are ready to get to work for you.