Danbury Chiropractor Malpractice Lawyer

Many people depend on treatment from chiropractors to ease chronic back pain and address a host of physical and psychological disorders. Unfortunately, chiropractic care can sometimes do more harm than good if the provider is not careful. Professional misconduct by chiropractors can cause life-altering and debilitating injuries since they primarily work with the spinal cord, which is extremely sensitive to external trauma.

Whether you are dealing with a paralyzing injury or something more short-term because of a chiropractor’s negligence, you deserve to be compensated fairly for the harm you have sustained. A seasoned medical attorney can help make sure that happens. Your Danbury chiropractor malpractice lawyer can protect your rights and pursue the best possible resolution to your claim.

How Malpractice Law Approaches Chiropractors

Chiropractors are somewhat controversial among certain segments of the healthcare industry. As far as the state of Connecticut and its legal code are concerned, chiropractors are licensed healthcare providers subject to a “standard of care” with all their patients. A healthcare professional’s “standard of care” is based on what an equally qualified and experienced professional would do under similar or identical circumstances. Any “breach” of that standard which directly results in a patient suffering physical harm could be the basis for a malpractice claim.

Anyone who want to pursue a chiropractic negligence claim must first make a “reasonable inquiry” into whether they have valid grounds for a lawsuit. This process must include at least one qualified medical expert affirming in a written and signed statement that they believe the proposed case has merit. A Danbury chiropractor misconduct attorney can assist in obtaining a merit affidavit.

Possible Grounds for a Chiropractor Malpractice Claim

It is not impossible to successfully file suit against a negligent chiropractor, but that “negligence” can be a high bar to clear with this sort of litigation. Generally, it is not enough to prove that a chiropractor made a mistake. That error must have been egregious enough that no other reasonable chiropractor would have acted in the same way. In addition, it must be the leading cause of the plaintiff’s injury and the damages for which they are seeking compensation.

Valid grounds for a chiropractor malpractice claim in Danbury could include:

  • Failure to advise a patient about risks associated with a treatment and obtain informed consent before providing it
  • Failure to correctly diagnose a condition which could be hazardous to a patient’s health
  • Performing a chiropractic technique incorrectly
  • Failure to monitor a patient’s condition during treatment

A seasoned legal professional can advise on whether a particular case amounts to malpractice during an initial consultation.

Get in Touch With a Danbury Chiropractor Malpractice Attorney for Help

No medical treatment is without risks, but chiropractic treatment is particularly dangerous. If you have suffered serious harm due to chiropractic misconduct, it may be difficult to demand civil restitution for your injury by yourself.

Fortunately, you do not have to file suit alone. A dedicated Danbury chiropractor malpractice lawyer from Berkowitz Hanna is prepared to fight for justice. We have handled countless cases like yours, and we know how to get clients the compensation they deserve. Call today to learn more about what we could do for you. Your initial consultation is completely free.