Stamford Brain Damage Lawyer

The human brain is a very complex organ with many different parts, which all perform unique functions. Even the slightest damage to one part of the brain can cause irreparable harm, altering a person’s quality of life. In addition to causing physical and emotional trauma to an affected person and their family, brain damage can result in immense financial expenses. Many brain injury survivors require ongoing treatments and therapy that can be costly.

A Stamford brain damage lawyer can provide crucial assistance when the injury results from someone’s negligence. Our distinguished injury attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna can walk you through your options and help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

Types of Brain Damage

Many different types of accidents and injuries can lead to brain damage. A knowledgeable Stamford attorney can provide more insight into whether a particular brain damage case is legally actionable.

Birth Injuries

When a baby experiences a knotted cord, early detachment of the placenta, or other birth trauma, they can suffer brain asphyxia, which occurs when the baby’s brain does not get enough oxygen. Depending on how long the oxygen supply to the baby’s brain was cut off, the baby could suffer brain damage. Physical trauma to a baby’s head during a difficult delivery, untreated maternal infections, and untreated jaundice can also lead to brain damage in a baby.

In some cases, the brain injury could have been avoided if the medical team in charge of the delivery had noticed the signs of fetal distress and acted quickly. An attorney can assess whether a provider’s malpractice played a role in a particular birth injury case.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Many cases of brain damage happen because of traumatic brain injuries, where an external force causes damage to the brain. The most common causes of traumatic brain injuries include:

Many traumatic brain injuries happen because of somebody’s negligent or reckless behavior. For example, a speeding driver would be responsible for the brain injury suffered by a passenger in the car they struck at an intersection. Similarly, a business owner who failed to fix a broken front step could be responsible for a customer’s brain damage sustained in a bad fall.

Non-Traumatic Acquired Brain Injuries

People can also suffer brain damage from medical conditions that cut off their oxygen supply or otherwise affect their brains. Strokes, aneurysms, tumors, heart attacks, or infectious diseases can all lead to brain damage. A lawyer can provide more information on what legal options are available in situations like these.

Long-Term Effects of a Brain Injury

Brain damage can vary in severity. Some people suffer slight bumps to their heads, which cause temporary pain and minor symptoms. Other people sustain more moderate injuries, which might require them to seek medical treatment and take some time off from work as they recuperate.

When people suffer severe brain injuries, they can sustain memory loss, cognitive disabilities, personality shifts, and personality changes, which can alter their relationships with family and friends, prevent them from working to earn a living and impact their daily lives. Many brain damage survivors require round-the-clock care and assistance with their everyday tasks. A compassionate Stamford attorney understands the significant losses that brain damage can bring to a whole family and can fight for fair compensation.

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