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We all know how hard it is to lose someone. Facing each day without your loved one next to you to provide companionship, love, and support can be devastating, regardless of how their death occurred. Learning that another person’s negligence or wrongful actions led to their death can make the loss feel even more painful.

If you believe your loved one lost their life needlessly at the hands of someone else, your family might be able to seek retribution and financial damages in a civil suit. Our Stamford wrongful death lawyers can fight for what your family deserves.

What Constitutes a Wrongful Death?

A wrongful death happens when someone dies because of another person’s wrongful actions. Surviving family members of a deceased victim might be eligible to sue the person or entity who caused their loved one to pass.

Generally, families can pursue wrongful death suits if their deceased family member could have pursued a personal injury suit if they had survived the injury or illness that resulted in their death. For example, a car crash survivor would have the right to sue the at-fault driver who caused the accident. Similarly, the family of a person who suffered a fatal car crash might have the right to sue the at-fault driver. A dedicated Stamford attorney can meet with a family and help them understand whether they have viable grounds to take legal action.

Common Types of Wrongful Death Suits

Wrongful deaths are deaths that should not have occurred and only happened because of someone else’s actions. A wrongful death claim can arise in a number of different scenarios.


Wrongful deaths can be intentional, such as when one person kills another in a fit of rage in a bar fight, brutalizes them in a domestic assault, or shoots them during a robbery. Surviving family members of a decedent could sue the assailant who killed their loved one for damages.

Workplace Accidents

Employers should maintain a safe workplace for their employees and third parties to work. They should hire qualified employees, train their workers, perform regular safety inspections, and use up-to-date equipment and machinery. Families of lost workers might be able to obtain death benefits under their loved one’s workers’ compensation plan. Additionally, they might be able to sue third parties whose actions resulted in their loved one’s death.

Automobile Crashes

Many fatalities occur because of wrongful actions behind the wheel, such as drunk driving, failure to obey the rules of the road, distracted driving, fatigued driving, or driving recklessly. Poor road conditions or defective automotive parts can also be to blame.

Medical Mistakes

When doctors, nurses, or other healthcare professionals make careless mistakes, they can risk the lives of their patients.

Slip and Falls

Property owners need to maintain their homes and businesses to ensure there are no slippery surfaces, uncleared walkways, or debris in the walkways, which could cause someone to slip, trip, and fall. Fatal falls can occur in private homes, public spaces, and commercial buildings.

Our skilled legal Stamford team can work to identify who is responsible for a wrongful death and take the necessary steps to hold them accountable.

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As you grieve your loved one’s untimely loss, the last thing you probably want to consider is a lawsuit. However, pursuing legal action might be the best course of action for your family. A successful resolution of your claim could give your family the compensation you need to move forward.

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