Stamford Elevator Accident Lawyer

Like many other cities throughout the country, Stamford has many elevators in both public and private buildings. Elevators are commonplace in shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, and more. 

Manufacturers are supposed to adhere to safe design and production practices when manufacturing elevators. Connecticut requires all elevators to undergo annual safety inspections, and property owners are supposed to regularly maintain them. Unfortunately, elevator accidents resulting in serious injuries and even fatalities still occur. 

If you or a family member were hurt in an elevator accident, you probably have a lot of questions. A Stamford elevator accident lawyer can search for answers and help you determine your next steps. Our injury attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna know how to handle these cases and will fight for the compensation you need.

Potential Defendants After an Elevator Accident

Elevator injury claims can arise in numerous situations. 

Claims Relating to the Elevator’s Original Design and Production

Sometimes, accidents happen because of problems with the initial design or production of the elevator. If the elevator was inherently defective, an injured person might be able to bring a claim against the manufacturing company that designed and produced it. 

Claims Relating to the Elevator’s Inspections

If an elevator did not receive regular inspections, the building’s owner or management team could be at fault for denying access to the building. If the city did not send out an inspection team to perform an inspection on time and someone got hurt due to mechanical problems, the city could bear legal responsibility. 

Claims Relating to the Elevator’s Maintenance

When inspectors identify problems during annual inspections, building owners have a duty to promptly repair them. A building’s owner also has a duty to look out for any problems in how the elevator works. If they fail to make necessary repairs to issues that they know about or should have known about by doing their own routine inspections, they could be civilly liable for the cost of injuries suffered in an elevator malfunction. 

A trusted Stamford attorney can investigate the accident to learn what went wrong. Legal professionals know how to carefully comb through the evidence and interview bystanders and people familiar with the building’s history to learn who bears possible legal liability. 

Causes of Elevator Problems

Elevator issues that often lead to injury claims include:

  • Sudden drops of the elevator from failures of the braking, cables, or lifting systems, causing people to experience injuries from falling
  • Problems with the doors closing too fast, such as when the safety strips do not work properly resulting in doors closing on people’s hands or feet
  • Problems with the doors suddenly opening mid-ride 
  • Elevator car misaligning at the stop by landing either below or above the designated floor

People inside an elevator car can experience serious injuries in falls or other accidents. Maintenance workers working in the shaft outside the elevator car are also prone to injury. A seasoned lawyer can look into the details of a Stamford elevator injury case and hold negligent parties accountable.

Meet With a Stamford Elevator Accident Attorney

Civil lawsuits involving elevator accidents are often complicated. To succeed, you need to work with a Stamford elevator accident lawyer who understands the complex engineering issues involved in creating and maintaining an elevator. Our team at Berkowitz Hanna has years of experience helping people facing similar situations. We are ready to get to work for you.

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