Stamford Umbilical Cord Issues Lawyer

Childbirth is an exciting experience for families. However, what is supposed to be a joyous occasion can quickly become devastating when complications, such as those involving the umbilical cord, arise. When a patient’s healthcare team fails to recognize these problems, a baby could be born with serious or even fatal birth injuries.

If you suspect your baby suffered severe health effects due to an improperly treated issue with the umbilical cord, contact a dedicated birth injury attorney right away. A Stamford umbilical cord issues lawyer can help you understand your family’s legal rights and pursue justice for your child.

Common Kinds of Umbilical Cord Problems

The umbilical cord operates as a lifeline to the fetus because it connects it to the placenta. A problem with the umbilical cord could deprive a baby of oxygen and nutrients.

Nuchal Cord

A nuchal cord occurs when the umbilical cord wraps itself around a fetus’ neck. If the cord wraps too tightly around the baby’s neck, it could strangle the unborn child. Some nuchal cords do not cause problems, but if medical providers are aware of a potential nuchal cord, they need to monitor closely during labor and delivery to see if the baby is showing signs of distress. Doctors must act carefully when delivering a baby with a nuchal cord through the birth canal. An emergency cesarean is often warranted if the baby shows signs of distress.

Knots in the Cord

Knots occasionally form in the umbilical cord. Some knots tighten so much that they slow down or even block the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the baby.

Cord Compression

Like a knotted cord, a compressed cord limits the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to an unborn baby.

Prolapsed Cord

In a typical vaginal delivery, the baby is delivered first, followed by the umbilical cord and placenta. A prolapsed cord occurs when the umbilical cord comes before or even at the same time as the baby. An umbilical cord prolapse can prevent necessary oxygen and nutrients from reaching the baby.

Vasa Previa

In rare instances, the unprotected fetal blood vessels from the cord separate from the cord and travel in front of the cervix. Those blood vessels could burst, resulting in severe blood loss for the mother and trauma for the unborn baby.

The skilled attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna have extensive experience helping Stamford families with umbilical cord malpractice cases. A knowledgeable lawyer can examine the details of a case, determine who is at fault, and pursue compensation from them.

Preventing Umbilical Cord Issues

Doctors, midwives, and delivery nurses have many ways of identifying possible cord issues before trouble occurs. They can use medical tools, such as ultrasound examinations, fetal heart rate tests, and other methods that could give doctors sufficient time to act to prevent a dangerous situation. When medical professionals fail to take these steps, they can be held legally liable for harm that results.

A Stamford attorney can review the actions taken by the medical staff to see if they acted appropriately or failed to take corrective measures against umbilical cord issues.

Call a Stamford Umbilical Cord Issues Attorney

If you suspect your baby suffered grievous health consequences because their doctor failed to recognize a cord issue, you are probably justifiably angry. It is important to understand that you have legal rights in this situation. A Stamford umbilical cord issues lawyer can help you pursue justice for your child and ensure that the negligent medical team is held accountable for their careless actions.

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