Stamford Construction Accident Lawyer

Construction sites can be hazardous for workers and passersby. Heavy equipment, power tools, and other hazardous machinery can pose serious risks. There are potential dangers everywhere, which is why every construction site should have meticulous safety standards. However, many of them do not. In addition, even when people follow safety standards, accidents can and will happen. 

If you were hurt on or near a construction site, you might be unsure of your legal options for compensation. While workers’ compensation will cover some injuries for some people, the coverage is limited and may not be sufficient. Plus, it only covers employees, not contractors, bystanders, or other victims. Getting compensation may require pursuing a personal injury claim, which our team at Berkowitz Hanna can help with. Discuss your case with a Stamford construction accident lawyer today. 

Investigating a Construction Accident

The first step towards recovery is investigating the accident. Determining what happened and if negligence played a role in the accident can help narrow down the field of potential defendants. Even if a victim believes that they are barred from claims due to workers’ compensation coverage, they may have third-party claims against other parties. 

A Stamford attorney who handles construction accidents will look into several things before bringing a claim on someone’s behalf:

  • Who and what caused the accident? 
  • What was the victim’s relationship, if any, to the company performing the construction? 
  • What type of injuries did the victim suffer, and what is their prognosis? 
  • Was anyone on the construction site ignoring OSHA regulations? 
  • Are there statements, photos, or videos covering the accident? 
  • What does the medical evidence suggest?

Knowing that information lets the attorney develop a range for potential damages. Damages should be sufficient to cover all of a victim’s economic and noneconomic injuries. Economic injuries refer to money lost as a result of the accident — medical bills, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and similar expenses. Noneconomic injuries refer to damages that are not monetary — pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and similar damages.

Potential Construction Site Injuries

Construction site injuries can range from scrapes and bruises to severe injuries and even death. Serious injuries not only impact someone’s ability to return to regular activity immediately but can also have a long-term effect. They also tend to be very expensive, and insurers may offer low-ball settlements in an attempt to get people to settle. A Stamford attorney who deals with construction accidents can provide advice regarding the fairness of any proposed settlements. 

Potential injuries include traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), head injuries, neck injuries, crush injuries, lacerations, burns, broken bones, internal organ damage, and more. They can lead to long-term complications such as paralysis, amputation, disfigurement, brain damage, and more. Getting compensation for those injuries is important because they all come with long-term costs — financial, physical, and emotional. 

Types of Construction Accidents

Construction accidents are full of hazards. Almost any type of accident can happen there. The most common accidents include:

While negligence is not always at the root of these accidents, it does play a role in most construction injuries. A Stamford construction accident attorney can look into who might be responsible for a particular injury and take legal action accordingly. 

Consult a Construction Accident Attorney in Stamford

After a construction accident, it can be difficult to know who to turn to. Our dedicated team at Berkowitz Hanna is here to help you through the process of filing a claim and seeking out fair compensation.

If you have questions about your potential case, do not hesitate to reach out. A Stamford construction accident lawyer at our office is ready to get to work for you.