Connecticut Slip and Fall Lawyer

While it would be understandable to assume that all property owners take reasonable precautions to keep those visitors safe from harm, the unfortunate reality is that not every landowner in the Constitution State meets this basic duty of care. Even worse, making a landowner pay for injuries you sustained from a slipping or tripping accident on their property can be an exceptionally complex and challenging process, especially if you try to pursue your claim alone.

If you were hurt in an unexpected fall on someone else’s land, support from a knowledgeable Connecticut slip and fall lawyer can be crucial to giving you a good chance of getting a fair result from your lawsuit or settlement. From start to finish of your legal proceedings, the injury attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna can lend their experience and expertise towards enforcing your rights and preserving your best interests.

Are Property Owners Always Liable for Falls?

Maybe the most important thing for slip and fall victims to understand about their legal rights is that landowners in Connecticut are not automatically liable for every accident that occurs on their property. For example, landowners generally have no obligation whatsoever to protect adult trespassers from getting accidentally hurt on their land, and they may also not be liable for harm caused by something that is extremely obviously dangerous.

However, landowners often can be held liable for slips or trips and falls that occur because of hazards the landowners reasonably should have addressed already, such as:

  • Untreated ice outside a store front
  • Uncleaned spills in store aisles
  • Cluttered walking areas
  • Lack of sufficient lighting
  • Loose carpeting or tiles
  • Broken or uneven stairs

What “reasonable” action from a landowner in this regard looks like can vary from situation to situation, though—for instance, the liability a landowner might hold for a spill that has been left unaddressed for hours would not be the same as that they might hold for a spill that happened seconds before someone slipped over it. A Connecticut trip and fall attorney can offer more specific guidance about possible filing options during an initial consultation.

Recovering Fully for All Compensable Losses

A property owner found to have caused a lawful visitor to slip or trip and get hurt through their own negligent property management may hold financial liability for all resulting losses. This could include economic damages like medical expenses and lost work wages, as well as various kinds of non-economic “pain and suffering.”

It is also possible—and sometimes vital—to recover for future losses that will not fully manifest for months or years after a case concludes, in addition to losses whose values are already apparent in the short term. Once again, a capable lawyer’s assistance can be key to identifying, properly valuating, and demanding fair restitution for recoverable damages following a slip and fall accident in Connecticut.

Contact a Connecticut Slip and Fall Attorney for Help with Your Case

A simple slip or trip and fall can have deceptively devastating results if it leads to someone hitting the ground or a hard surface at an awkward angle. Even if you only sustained a relatively minor injury that will heal completely with time and proper medical care, you still may be owed restitution for your expenses and other losses from a landowner who should have taken better care of their property.

A conversation with a Connecticut slip and fall lawyer can give you answers to important questions and clarity about your next steps. Schedule your free consultation by calling today.