Connecticut Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Traveling on foot anywhere in Connecticut comes with the potential for danger. However, these dangers quickly multiply when on foot near moving vehicles. parking lots or garages.

The simple fact is that all drivers have a duty to protect pedestrians. This involves operating with appropriate caution and obeying all relevant traffic laws. When a driver fails to act reasonably to protect those around them, they could be liable for the injuries that result. A Connecticut pedestrian accident lawyer can help you to pursue compensation following a collision involving a motor vehicle. At Berkowitz Hanna, our legal team is prepared to take every needed step to gather evidence, measure your losses, and demand fair payments.

Situations that May Lead to Collisions Between Motor Vehicles and People on Foot

The potential for collisions between motor vehicles and pedestrians is higher than we might like to imagine. Of course, people using crosswalks to move in the street are vulnerable to drivers who may ignore the laws that require them to yield to pedestrians. However, people on foot may also suffer harm if a vehicle moves up onto a sidewalk or is traveling too quickly in a parking lot or garage.

Drivers must always act appropriately to minimize the chances of being in a collision with a pedestrian. However, this does not mean that a driver is immediately presumed to be at fault under the law. Drivers and their insurance companies may allege that a pedestrian was wearing dark clothing at night or darted out into the street. They may also raise arguments that a person on foot did not give a car enough time to stop.

Can a Pedestrian Be Partly At-Fault for a Crash?

A defendant could argue that a pedestrian shares blame for an accident under the concept of modified comparative negligence. Under Connecticut General Statute § 52-572h, a driver could argue that they hold minimal or no fault in an accident occurring. It is crucial for injured parties to work with a seasoned pedestrian accident lawyer in Connecticut to avoid an unnecessary share of blame being cast on them, seeing as this could reduce the amount of compensation they are eligible to receive.

Crashes Can Impact Pedestrians in a Variety of Ways

Pedestrians have no protection from the forces that can result from collisions with motor vehicles. As a result, the injuries that may come about from these incidents can be catastrophic. At the minimum, individuals may seek out treatment in an emergency room and require a follow-up with their personal doctor. For others, a lengthy hospital stay following surgery and extensive rehabilitation may be necessary.

In any event, an at-fault driver and their insurance company must pay for all needed medical care. They must also provide compensation to make up for the full extent of a person’s reduction in quality of life. This may be due to pain, suffering, emotional trauma, or an inability to spend time with loved ones. Many individuals also demand reimbursement for lost wages due to being left unable to work or because of the infliction of permanent disabilities. A Connecticut pedestrian accident attorney can help an individual seek payments that accommodate the full extent of their losses.

Contact a Connecticut Pedestrian Accident Attorney Immediately

Whether you arein a crosswalk or in a parking area, drivers must act appropriately to minimize the chance of a crash. When they fail to do so, you could hold them responsible for your resulting injuries.

A Connecticut pedestrian accident lawyer can take care of the legal aspects of your case by obtaining evidence, locating medical records and bills, and demanding compensation through an insurance settlement or lawsuit. Get in touch with our dedicated team at Berkowitz Hanna to learn more about your options.