Connecticut Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Drivers in Connecticut need to remain aware of their surroundings. This includes being on the lookout for bike riders who may be sharing the road, using a crosswalk, or riding in a bike lane. In addition, drivers must be sure to obey all traffic laws that exist to protect the well-being of all people on or around the street.

Sadly, failures to adhere to these rules are common. They may result in collisions that affect the physical health, emotional stability, and finances of bicyclists. If you have suffered an injury because of the poor choices of a driver, you have the right to seek out compensation for your losses. A Connecticut bicycle accident lawyer can help you hold the at-fault party accountable and pursue the payments you deserve. Get in touch with an injury attorney at our office to learn more.

Rules that Govern Interactions Between Bikes and Motor Vehicles

In many ways, bike riders in Connecticut are the same in the eyes of the law as all other travelers. This means that a bike rider is subject to the same rules of the road as all motorists. A bicyclist must be sure to stop at red lights, must signal all turns, and must yield when appropriate.

At the same time, bike riders enjoy the same protection under the law as all other travelers. This includes the ability to demand compensation for their losses if another driver’s poor choices result in a collision. Because of this dynamic, the law never presumes fault for an accident. Instead, injured bike riders must be able to prove that another party was to blame for the crash.

Especially important is the state’s rule concerning modified comparative negligence. Under Connecticut General Statute § 52-572h, courts must evaluate the actions of all people present in an accident and assign blame as necessary. If a bike rider is assigned more than 50 percent of the fault for an accident, they cannot recover any compensation for their injuries. An experienced Connecticut attorney can help injured bicycle riders to understand the laws as they pertain to their collision and gather evidence that establishes the fault of the other party.

Common Losses Following Bicycle Accidents and Potential Compensation

When a driver’s negligence causes injuries to another person, they are liable for that individual’s losses. However, the burden lies on the affected person to prove these losses and place a dollar value on their experiences.

This is where a Connecticut bicycle accident attorney can help enormously. A lawyer can start by obtaining all relevant medical information, such as bills and reports. An attorney can also work to understand how the event has impacted a person’s emotional health and the effects of pain, suffering, and trauma on an individual’s quality of life. They can even contact a person’s place of work to determine how the injury has impacted their ability to return to the job and the extent of their financial damages. In short, a lawyer takes the lead to evaluate the full extent of a person’s losses and seeks out full payment from liable drivers and their insurance companies.

Let a Connecticut Bicycle Accident Attorney Protect Your Legal Rights

Your actions in the days following a bicycle accident in Connecticut are vital to your ability to make a full recovery. This applies not only to your physical health but also to your ability to recover compensation.

To give yourself the best chance at a positive outcome in your case, get in touch with a Connecticut bicycle accident lawyer as soon as possible. Our dedicated team is ready to help you and will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve. Call us at Berkowitz Hanna today to learn more.