Connecticut Premises Liability Lawyer

Injuries that occur on another person’s property fall under the umbrella of premises liability law. These laws state that property owners have a duty to protect guests against harm that may occur while on their land. However, the full extent of this protection depends on whether the visitor had permission to be there and their reasons for entering.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries on someone else’s property, a Connecticut premises liability lawyer could be able to help you to hold negligent landowners responsible. To learn more about your legal rights after a dangerous property accident, get in touch with an experienced injury attorney at Berkowitz Hanna.

Examples of Premises Liability Cases Where Landowners Could be Liable

A premises liability case aims to hold the owner of property liable when an injury occurs on their land. In most situations, this involves a direct failure on the part of a landowner to protect a guest from accidental harm. Common accidents that occur on dangerous property include slips and falls or injuries that result from poor maintenance.

In some cases, a landowner may also be liable for the actions of third parties. If a gas station fails to provide adequate lighting that dissuades an attacker, that gas station could be liable for an individual’s injuries in the case of a violent crime. Similar concepts require bars and restaurants to have proper security and for apartment buildings to properly secure areas against entry from non-residents. A Connecticut premises liability attorney can provide more information about these types of incidents and explain why a landowner might be liable.

Pursuing Compensation After a Dangerous Property Accident

There are two main concepts that a person needs to prove to obtain compensation following an injury. The first is that a landowner was at-fault by not providing adequate protection from harm. Social guests, known as licensees, will need to show that the landowner knew of a risk of harm and did not take adequate steps to protect the guest. If the victim entered the land for the benefit of the owner, such as to shop in a store, that individual must show that the landowner failed to provide protection against harm and that an ordinary inspection would have discovered the hazard. People who enter land without permission are trespassers and generally cannot collect payment unless they can show that the property owner intended to cause harm.

The second portion of a claim involves proving the extent of one’s losses. These typically include medical bills associated with a physical injury, reimbursement for lost wages due to missing time at work or a permanent disability, and compensation for reductions in a person’s quality of life. A premises liability attorney in Connecticut can help an individual understand their rights as a property visitor and demonstrate how the accident in question impacted their life.

Act Swiftly after an Accident

It is also essential to remember that there is a limited time to file a case after a dangerous property injury. Under Connecticut General Statute § 52-584, an injured person has two years from the date of an injury to pursue a legal claim. Taking action as soon as possible after an accident on hazardous property gives an individual the best chances at obtaining the compensation they deserve.

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Injuries on others’ property are not uncommon. When these injuries are a result of a landowner’s negligence, you have options for legal recourse.

A Connecticut premises liability lawyer is ready to fight on your behalf to seek out the compensation that you deserve. This can include proving that a property owner was responsible for an injury and determining how the event has changed your life. To discuss your potential case with a legal professional, schedule a free consultation at our office today.