Connecticut Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs remain among the most popular pets in Connecticut. Whether a person owns a dog for companionship, personal protection, or for work purposes, every owner has an obligation under the law to keep their animals under control. Despite this fact, hundreds of people every year suffer injuries due to dog bites or other attacks. In many cases, dog owner is legally responsible for these incidents.

A Connecticut dog bite lawyer can help you to pursue a case against a negligent or careless dog owner. A skilled injury attorney at Berkowitz Hanna can work to explain the state’s dog bite laws, gather evidence from the incident, and help you seek out fair payments to cover your losses.

State Laws Concerning Dog Bite Cases

The dog bite laws in Connecticut are straightforward. Unlike in many other states that retain an old-fashioned “one-bite rule,” dog owners in Connecticut have an absolute duty to protect others against the actions of their animals. According to Connecticut General Statute § 22-357, a dog’s owner is strictly liable for any damage that their animal causes. This can include physical injuries to others that result from bites or other examples of attacks.

Defendants in dog bite cases might try to avoid liability by arguing that the victim was trespassing or taunting the animal, even if these claims are not true. By working with an experienced Connecticut dog bite attorney, animal attack victims can fight back against unfair or unbased accusations of fault and pursue the compensation they deserve.

Liable Dog Owners Must Provide Full Compensation to all Affected Victims

The injuries that can result from dog bites or other attacks can be particularly severe. Even smaller animals have teeth that are capable of puncturing the skin and inflicting an infection. These wounds may never fully heal and can cause significant scarring. A liable dog owner must pay full compensation for the costs of all necessary medical care. This could include a trip to the emergency room or urgent care clinic, any necessary surgery, and rehabilitation sessions.

Dog attacks could also impact an injured person’s life in other ways. They may hesitate to be around animals in the future or experience flashbacks concerning the event. The injuries may also jeopardize their ability to return to work. If the event leaves a person off the job to make a recovery or with a permanent disability, the dog owner must provide compensation for this lost income. A dog bite attorney in Connecticut can work with the injured party to measure how the attack has impacted their life and pursue compensation accordingly.

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Dog owners in Connecticut have an absolute duty to keep their animals under control. This applies to both public spaces and while on private property. If you are suffering injuries after an animal attack, a Connecticut dog bite lawyer can help you to seek out fair payment for your losses and hold the pet owner accountable.

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