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Even though modern pharmacies benefit from state-of-the-art safety tools and equipment, mistakes can still happen. Pharmacists that act negligently can cause devastating injuries or illnesses to their patients.

If you are facing a medical issue due to this type of negligence, the Stamford pharmacy malpractice lawyers at Berkowitz Hanna are here to help. A successful lawsuit could secure financial compensation from the negligent pharmacist that caused your injuries. Let a seasoned malpractice attorney aid you with your claim.

Understanding Pharmacy Malpractice

Pharmacists play a vital role in filling prescriptions for medication. They also have an obligation to counsel patients on how to take these drugs safely and effectively. When pharmacists make mistakes, patients can seriously suffer.

There are different ways for an error in a pharmacy to result in medical injuries or illnesses. For example, a pharmacist could cause an adverse reaction when they fail to take into account allergies or drug combinations. A pharmacist might also be at fault if they do not warn patients of the potential for adverse reactions. One of the most common pharmaceutical errors is improperly filling a prescription. Providing the wrong medication or the wrong dosage could cause serious injuries while also failing to treat a patient’s condition.

Pharmacy malpractice can occur for different reasons. Some pharmacists or their staff are simply careless when performing their duties. Often, these pharmacists work long hours while also balancing numerous aspects of running a business. When a pharmacist is required to perform their primary duties while also managing employees and dealing with insurance companies, mistakes can happen. Unfortunately, these errors can have life-altering consequences for the patients that are impacted. A Stamford pharmacy malpractice attorney can pursue justice when these errors result in serious health consequences.

Recovering Compensation After a Pharmaceutical Mistake

The type of damages available in a pharmacy error case can vary depending on how the drug interaction impacted the patient’s health. Some of the damages that might be available include the following:

Medical Costs

Many people require emergency medical care due to the adverse reactions they have from being prescribed the wrong medicine. Others face additional health complications when their underlying health issues are not addressed, which can require expensive medical care for the patient. A medical malpractice claim could provide financial compensation based on the cost of this care.

Lost Wages

The harmful drug reactions that can come with a pharmacy error can make it impossible for some patients to work. These health consequences could cost a patient their primary source of income while they recover. Recovering the wages lost due to a pharmacy error might be possible through a civil lawsuit.

Pain and Suffering

Adverse drug reactions and improper drug combinations have the potential to cause painful medical conditions. Likewise, the failure to provide the correct medication might also fail to prevent pain from a previous condition. This pain could serve as the basis for a monetary award.

A Stamford pharmacy malpractice attorney can help a patient put a financial value on their losses and pursue fair compensation accordingly.

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