Stamford Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer

Cancer treatment has come a long way in recent history. Doctors today benefit from improved medical technology, such as radiation, chemotherapy, and surgical advancements, that allow people to experience hope that they will be cured and live normal lives. However, the key to many of those life-saving medical procedures is often early detection and treatment. If a doctor fails to make a timely diagnosis, the patient’s cancer could develop and spread.

If you suspect a doctor failed to recognize the signs of cancer, and you or a loved one suffered health consequences, you might have grounds to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. A dedicated Stamford cancer misdiagnosis lawyer at Berkowitz Hanna can help you seek accountability.

Different Kinds of Cancer Misdiagnoses

A cancer misdiagnosis can occur in a few different ways.

Wrongly Diagnosed Cancer

First, a healthy patient could mistakenly receive a wrong cancer diagnosis even when they are cancer free. Learning that they have cancer and might only have a short time to live could cause the patient to make drastic lifestyle changes. They might quit their job to spend more time with their family or spend their life savings on travel or other expenses. They might also endure unnecessary physical burdens by undergoing invasive and painful medical procedures. These unnecessary medical procedures could be very costly. In addition, being told that they have cancer could cause immense emotional pain.

Incorrect Diagnosis

When a patient receives the wrong diagnosis, they receive treatment for the wrong medical condition. They undergo costly and unnecessary medical care that has no effect on curing their real illness.

Missed or Delayed Diagnosis

When doctors detect cancer early on, patients have the best likelihood of making a full recovery. They can take advantage of early life-saving treatments and sometimes avoid facing the harshest and most aggressive chemotherapy and radiation regimens. If a doctor misses or delays the diagnosis, the cancer has the chance to grow and spread to other areas of the body, making it more challenging to fight. After cancer has spread in a patient’s body, there might be fewer treatment options available to a patient.

All types of cancer misdiagnosis can result in emotional trauma, financial burdens, and physical pain. A dedicated Stamford attorney can help a patient and their family fight back for justice.

How Medical Negligence Could Lead to Missed or Wrong Diagnosis of Cancer

When a patient presents with specific symptoms, responsible doctors should use their knowledge, skills, and experience to identify their ailment. Some examples of physician or hospital negligence that could lead to a failed diagnosis include:

  • Failure to order standard diagnostic tests based on a patient’s risk factors or age
  • Failure to consider certain medical conditions
  • Failure to ask for or review a patient’s medical history, including their family predisposition to specific medical conditions
  • Misreading or misinterpreting diagnostic test results
  • Mistakes in the conducting of tests
  • Failure to tell the patient the results of their tests and advise them of their medical options

An experienced legal team can investigate a Stamford doctor’s actions regarding a cancer misdiagnosis to see if they were negligent in the given circumstances.

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When it comes to cancer, early detection and treatment are crucial. If you believe your doctor made a mistake that caused you to suffer unnecessary physical, emotional, or financial harm, a Stamford cancer misdiagnosis lawyer is here to help.

You and your family deserve compensation for the damages you have suffered. Get in touch with our compassionate attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna to learn more about how we can help you seek justice for your losses.