Stamford Anesthesia Errors Lawyer

Before the invention of anesthetics, most surgeries were impossible to perform. Doctors could not operate on patients because they had no way to suppress their patients’ pain during surgery. When anesthesia became widely available to doctors and hospitals, it created many life-saving opportunities because it made many more surgeries possible.

However, if administered incorrectly, anesthesia can do far more harm than good. The incorrect dosage of anesthetics can cause serious harm to patients and can even result in death. If you or a loved one suffered harm due to an anesthesia mistake, a Stamford anesthesia errors lawyer could help you pursue justice and financial compensation for your losses in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

When an Anesthesia Mistake is the Basis for a Malpractice Suit

Anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists must administer medicine precisely. They need to give each patient the correct dosage of the right medication. They also need to closely monitor their patients during surgery to see how well they are tolerating the medicine. If a patient starts to show signs of distress during their operation, the anesthesiologist needs to act swiftly to adjust the medication or dosage.

An anesthesia error occurs anytime an anesthesiologist makes a mistake during the course of their job. The mistake can occur before, during, or after surgery. An error could be classified as malpractice when a patient suffers harm because their anesthesiologist fails to provide a reasonably acceptable level of care.

An injured patient might be eligible for financial compensation if a court determines that a reasonable anesthesiologist, facing similar circumstances, would not have made the same mistake. A Stamford attorney well-versed in anesthesia error cases could help distinguish between simple mistakes and errors that constitute legal malpractice.

Common Types of Anesthesia Errors

The nature of an anesthesia injury can vary based on the surgery at hand, the patient’s medical history, and the medical provider’s experience. Some of the most frequent types of anesthesia mistakes include:

  • Failing to check for a patient’s drug allergies
  • Failing to learn what other drugs a patient is taking
  • Failing to check for other medical conditions
  • Giving the wrong dosage of medicine
  • Failing to continually evaluate and assess a patient’s vital signs during surgery
  • Making errors with oxygen administration or intubation

Many anesthesia errors can cause oxygen deprivation, which can lead to brain damage, coma, and even death. After any type of anesthesia error, it is crucial to seek legal counsel as soon as possible. A skilled lawyer in Stamford could help the injured party and their family take the necessary steps in pursuing legal action and holding the at-fault medical provider accountable.

Do Not Delay in Taking Action After an Anesthesia Injury

Under state law, individuals injured by a healthcare provider’s negligence have two years from the discovery of their injury to file a lawsuit. If there is a delay in discovery, this deadline could be extended to three years. While this may seem like plenty of time, it is important to enlist the help of an experienced anesthesia injury attorney as soon as possible. Failure to file within the required timeframe could prevent an injured party from recovering any monetary compensation at all.

Work with a Stamford Anesthesia Errors Attorney Today

An anesthesia mistake can significantly affect your life and your well-being. These mistakes could leave you with expensive medical bills, permanent injuries, and more. An injury suit could help you recover compensation for these physical, emotional, and financial losses.

A compassionate Stamford anesthesia errors attorney understands how emotionally challenging these cases can be. The dedicated team at Berkowitz Hanna could work tirelessly and aggressively to get you the recovery that your family needs and deserves. Call today to discuss your case with a compassionate legal professional.