Stamford Nursing Malpractice Lawyer

As a patient of a hospital, clinic, or other medical setting, you have a right to expect that you will receive high-quality care. When a provider fails to meet the acceptable standard of care and harms you as a result, you could hold them accountable through a medical malpractice claim.

A Stamford nursing malpractice lawyer understands the legal thresholds that must be met to establish a negligence claim and pursue compensation. If you were injured because of a nurse’s negligence, the best next step is to consult with Berkowitz Hanna. We are here to help make things right.

Establishing Legal Fault in a Nursing Malpractice Case

Just like physicians, nurses must adhere to their legal duty of care in all patient interactions. If a nurse does not apply adequate treatment according to the accepted standards and protocols applicable to a specific patient scenario, they may be legally liable if that patient is injured.

A Stamford attorney will evaluate the specific set of factors surrounding a patient’s injury to determine where legal fault lies and if an argument for negligence can be made. A knowledgeable attorney can manage each step of a nursing malpractice case, from carefully documenting all instances of negligence, to collecting proof of injuries and damages, to fighting for every penny owed for the patient’s injuries. An injured patient may be able to recover multiple types of compensation in a nursing malpractice case, including the value of their hospital bills, any ongoing care and treatment required, lost wages, pain, suffering, and more.

Common Examples of Nursing Malpractice

Medical negligence can result from a nurse’s action or lack of action concerning a patient. Common instances of nursing malpractice include:

  • Inadequate patient monitoring
  • Prescription drug mistakes
  • Improper use of medical equipment
  • Faulty patient documentation or medical record-keeping practices

Failing to consult with a physician or notify the physician of changes in a patient could also be an example of nursing negligence. Our dedicated attorneys have experience handling all kinds of nursing malpractice cases in Stamford and across the state.

Who is Liable for Nursing Malpractice?

In nursing malpractice cases, it is not uncommon for multiple parties to be legally liable when an assessment of the patient’s damages and potential entitlement to compensation is made. For example, the nurse’s employer, such as a hospital or another medical facility, could be on the legal hook due to the actions of their employee.

If actions by other members of the medical team, such as a physician, contributed to the patient’s harm, they could also face legal liability. A Stamford attorney can assess a particular nursing malpractice case and determine who might be liable.

Speak with a Stamford Nursing Malpractice Attorney About Your Potential Case

When a nurse does not act with reasonable care in administering their patient duties, they can be on the hook if something goes wrong. If you think that a nurse’s actions caused you harm, speaking with an attorney who can offer tailored legal advice is vital.

A Stamford nursing malpractice lawyer at Berkowitz Hanna can collect all available evidence, consult with medical experts, and build a comprehensive case on your behalf. To find out more about your rights and legal options, call our office today. Your initial consultation is free, and you do not owe us a penny unless we win for you.