Shelton Vasa Previa Lawyer

Vasa previa is a rare but potentially life-threatening pregnancy complication that can result in severe injuries to a mother and unborn baby. When medical practitioners ignore the risks of vasa previa in an expectant mother, the condition may lead to a stillbirth.

No one should ever have to lose their child due to a preventable medical mistake. If you are in this devastating situation, an experienced Shelton vasa previa lawyer can help you take legal action against the negligent providers. The birth injury attorneys at Berkowitz Hanna could assess your case and guide you through a medical malpractice lawsuit in pursuit of compensation and justice.

What is Vasa Previa?

During a typical pregnancy, the blood vessels that connect the fetus to the placenta remain inside the amniotic sac, where they are sheltered. With vasa previa, some of these blood vessels are unprotected because they are located outside the amniotic sac, either near or across the cervix. If a mother with vasa previa goes into labor, those unprotected blood vessels could burst when the mother’s water breaks. This could lead to significant blood loss for both the mother and baby and result in a stillbirth.

There is no cure for vasa previa, but if doctors can diagnose the condition before a problem arises during pregnancy, the baby has a very good chance of surviving. However, if the medical team fails to recognize the problem, there is a likelihood that the baby could die before birth or during the delivery. If a family believes undiagnosed or untreated vasa previa caused their suffering, a compassionate attorney serving Shelton can explain their rights and help evaluate their legal options.

Recognizing Risk Factors and Symptoms of Vasa Previa

Although some vasa previa patients experience sudden bleeding, many exhibit no symptoms of the condition before labor. However, that does not mean responsible doctors cannot identify the problem. The following factors raise the risk that a patient could develop vasa previa:

  • The patient had a prior c-section or other uterine surgery
  • The patient is carrying multiple children
  • The patient used in vitro fertilization
  • The patient had an ultrasound that showed placenta abnormalities, such as placenta previa or a bi-lobed placenta

When a patient presents with bleeding or any risk factors, responsible doctors should follow up by performing a transvaginal ultrasound scan to identify the condition. If doctors recognize the condition before the onset of labor, they can set up an individualized care plan for the patient and monitor the well-being of the fetus. Sometimes, doctors will admit a patient with vasa previa to a hospital that allows for close and attentive observation. The medical team might also administer steroids to help the baby’s lungs develop in case they need to proceed with an earlier delivery. In most cases, physicians will schedule an early c-section to prevent a mother from going into labor and risk rupturing the blood vessels.

When medical practitioners do not notice signs of vasa previa and proceed without effective treatment or planning, they endanger pregnant mothers and their unborn children. A skilled Shelton attorney could review a patient’s medical charts to see if a medical team ignored clear indications that would have led a careful doctor to recognize, diagnose, and manage a patient’s vasa previa.

Get in Touch with a Shelton Vasa Previa Attorney

Vasa previa, when left untreated, can cause devastating harm to a family. In the worst possible cases, medical malpractice in these instances can lead to the loss of a child you had already grown to love. Though financial compensation will never make up for such a loss, it could help you find justice and financial stability.

A Shelton vasa previa lawyer could fight with all means necessary to hold negligent doctors responsible for their mistakes. The legal team at Berkowitz Hanna is prepared to stand by your side every step of the way. Call now to schedule your free initial consultation.