Shelton Umbilical Cord Issues Lawyer

The umbilical cord performs vital functions throughout a pregnancy. The cord delivers oxygen and nutrients from the placenta into the fetus and transports waste products out. Problems with the umbilical cord during pregnancy can impede a baby’s development. Umbilical cord issues during labor and delivery can result in serious health complications.

When misdiagnosed or mistreated umbilical cord problems lead to serious or fatal injuries in infants, legal recourse through a birth injury claim is often an option. A Shelton umbilical cord issues lawyer can help you pursue a malpractice claim against the negligent providers that harmed your child.

When Umbilical Cord Issues Turn into Medical Malpractice

Like everybody else, medical providers are not perfect. Occasionally, they make mistakes, such as failing to recognize a complication during pregnancy or the birthing process. However, sometimes problems that happen due to cord abnormalities are so egregious that they rise to the level of malpractice. Medical providers today have access to a wide range of tools, such as ultrasounds and fetal heart monitors. Regular monitoring by a medical team throughout pregnancy and delivery can frequently prevent umbilical cord abnormalities from turning into life-threatening problems. If a doctor monitors a fetal heart rate and notices problems, they often have time to promptly order a c-section to quickly deliver a baby.

When providers fail to take the necessary steps to prevent an injury from an umbilical cord issue, they could be held accountable in a malpractice claim. A Shelton umbilical cord issues attorney can consult with medical experts to see if the patient’s medical team failed to adhere to the accepted professional standards of care during the pregnancy and delivery.

Common Umbilical Cord Problems

There are a number of different umbilical cord complications that can arise during pregnancy and childbirth. Providers who fail to appropriately diagnose and treat umbilical cord issues can be held legally liable with the help of a knowledgeable Shelton attorney.

Vasa Previa

With vasa previa, some blood vessels from the umbilical cord separate and grow near the cervix. During a vaginal delivery, the pressure can cause the blood vessels to rupture, cutting off the supply of oxygen to the baby. Doctors who recognize the condition in advance can often save the baby by performing a c-section.

Wrapped or Knotted Cord Issues

When a baby is born with their umbilical cord wrapped around their neck, this is known as a “nuchal cord.” Although the thought of a baby’s cord being wrapped around their neck sounds terrifying, it is actually relatively common. Nuchal cords do not usually cause any problems to babies as long as the cord is loosely wrapped. A nuchal cord can usually still deliver oxygen and nutrients to a fetus. Sometimes, the cord can even unwrap itself during the pregnancy when the baby moves. However, if the cord is tightly wrapped around a baby’s neck, the pressure could cause abnormalities in the baby’s heart rate and even lead to strangulation.

Similarly, most knots in an umbilical cord do not cause problems unless the knot is very tight and cuts off circulation to the baby. However, it is crucial for doctors to monitor these situations closely to prevent serious injuries.

Prolapsed Cord Issues

Although it rarely happens, an umbilical prolapse occurs when a cord delivers before a baby. Doctors need to act promptly by performing an emergency c-section.


If a doctor performs an ultrasound and notices that a patient has umbilical cysts, they should be on alert to schedule follow up-diagnostic tests to check for certain genetic abnormalities, such as Trisomy 13 and 18.

Discuss Your Options with a Shelton Umbilical Cord Issues Attorney

Serious complications can occur anytime a medical provider makes a mistake. When the mistake involves a pregnancy and endangers the life of a mother or newborn baby, those errors can be devastating.

If your obstetrician or midwife failed to recognize an umbilical cord problem, your family might be eligible for compensation. Put your trust in a knowledgeable Shelton umbilical cord issues lawyer who has extensive experience guiding families like yours through this process. Our team at Berkowitz Hanna is ready to get to work for you, so call today to schedule your free consultation.