Shelton C-Section Lawyer

A Cesarean section may be deemed medically necessary if there are complications during natural childbirth. When this kind of procedure is performed correctly, it generally has a very low risk of resulting in long-term injury. Unfortunately, physicians who act recklessly or carelessly during or immediately after a C-section could cause life-altering physical trauma for both the mother and child.

If you or your baby are suffering because of an avoidable mistake made during your Cesarean section, you may want to discuss possible malpractice litigation with a Shelton C-section lawyer. An experienced malpractice attorney at Berkowitz Hanna can help you seek compensation for the injuries and losses you unjustly sustained.

What Does C-Section Malpractice Look Like?

Not every mistake a doctor makes while providing treatment counts as legally actionable malpractice, even if that mistake results in a patient being hurt. For a malpractice claim to proceed, the injured patient must prove, with written support from at least one qualified medical expert, that they were harmed as a direct consequence of a doctor, nurse, or specialist failing to meet the standard of care. The standard of care in these cases refers to level of care that any medical professional with equivalent skill and experience reasonably should have met.

Common ways in which the standard of care can be violated include but are not limited to:

  • Waiting too long to order a C-section
  • Misuse of tools like forceps or scalpels during the procedure
  • Failure to closely monitor the vital signs of both the mother and child
  • Failure to swiftly address internal bleeding
  • Failure to check for contraindications or allergies to certain anesthetics
  • Allowing the surgery site to become infected
  • Failure to provide necessary post-op care

A Shelton C-section attorney can discuss one’s particular set of circumstances in detail during a private consultation and offer guidance about whether litigation is possible.

Effectively Pursuing Compensation for Losses

Injuries sustained during a C-section due to practitioner error result in various physical, financial, and emotional damages. The lasting effects from harm can persist for months or even years after the initial incident. In addition to short-term costs like emergency medical expenses and missed work income, a comprehensive claim should also account for any long-term losses of earning capacity and future medical expenses that an injury may cause.

On the non-economic side of things, compensable damages can include physical pain, lost enjoyment of life, emotional/psychological anguish, and various other effects of permanent impairment. A skilled Shelton attorney can clarify which damages can be factored into a particular C-section claim.

Discuss Your Legal Options with a Shelton C-Section Attorney

When a mother or her child sustain injuries from a Cesarean section, the effects can be devastating, resulting in potentially debilitating and permanent harm. Diligent care should be expected when giving birth, and the lack thereof can be grounds for civil action.

A knowledgeable and compassionate Shelton C-section lawyer can be an irreplaceable ally throughout any litigation you pursue. Learn more by calling us at Berkowitz Hanna today. Your initial consultation is free, so do not hesitate to reach out.