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A car has a dented rear bumper after an accident

What Are the Most Common Causes of Vehicular Accidents?

27 March 2020

The five most common causes of vehicular accidents are distracted driving, intoxicated driving, speeding, inclement weather, and ignoring traffic signals. Even these five causes, however, only scratch the surface of the entire panorama. A vehicle accident can be caused by dozens of factors, some of which are listed below. Animal […]

Surgeons working in an operating room in a Connecticut hospital.

What Are the 4 D’s of Medical Negligence?

19 March 2020

The “4 D’s” of medical negligence is a shorthand term that refers to the four legal elements you have to prove in order to win a medical malpractice lawsuit: (i) duty (ii) deviation from the standard of care (iii) damages, and (iv) direct causation. There is nothing unusual about medical […]

A newborn incubator at a hospital facility.

What Should (and Shouldn’t) You Do If Your Child Suffered a Birth Injury?

06 March 2020

If your child has been diagnosed with a birth injury, there are some important steps you should take in order to protect your family’s legal rights. Medical mistakes during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and neonatal care can cause various types of birth injuries. While many newborns will be able to recover […]

Exterior of a hopsital Emergency Room at night

Emergency Room Negligence: When Can You File a Claim for Medical Malpractice?

19 February 2020

Medical malpractice in emergency rooms is a persistent concern, and it presents a major risk for patients who need emergency medical care. According to one university study, approximately 20 percent of all medical malpractice claims arising in the hospital setting originate in the emergency room. The study also found that […]

A commercial truck collided with a car on a Connecticut road.

Should You Give a Statement to the Insurance Company after a Truck Accident?

12 February 2020

The general answer to the question of whether you should give a statement to the insurance company after a truck accident is “no.” Under the limited circumstances where you might consider giving a statement, you will need to prepare it very carefully to avoid damaging your claim. Reasons to Avoid […]