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NFL Brain Concussion Cases

Kelly Ferraro

Kelly Ferraro has just been awarded $1,120,000.00 in the NFL Brain Concussion class action pending in Federal District Court

February 10, 2020

Kelly Ferraro has just been awarded $1,120,000.00 in the NFL Brain Concussion class action pending in Federal District Court of Philadelphia on behalf of a former All Pro fullback who sustained a permanent impairment to his brain as a result of repeated concussions over the course of his career.

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Sports-Related Concussions: What You Need to Know

October 27, 2019

A concussion occurs when an impact causes the brain to smash against the skull, resulting in brain injury. Since sports-related concussions occur with alarming frequency, laws have been put into place to try to prevent these sorts of accidents. If an accident does occur, Connecticut personal injury law entitles the victim to financial compensation. The […]

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football player

NFL Brain Concussion Lawsuit Results in 1.178 Million Dollar Award

July 29, 2019

Kelly Ferraro has just received her second award in two weeks on behalf of another NFL retired player in the NFL Brain Concussion Lawsuit. Our client, who was a defensive lineman in the NFL for nine years, will receive $1,178,000.00 as a result of a permanent brain injury he sustained from repetitive concussions over the […]

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Kelly Ferraro

$900,000.00 in the NFL Brain Concussion Lawsuit

July 16, 2019

Kelly Ferraro has been awarded $900,000.00 in the NFL Brain Concussion lawsuit on behalf of a retired NFL player. Our client, an All Pro running back in the 1990’s, sustained multiple concussions over the course of his career and was diagnosed with a permanent cognitive impairment that has affected his daily living. Congrats to Kelly […]

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seattle seahawks nfl

$1.48 million award for retired NFL player who sustained permanent brain injury

April 8, 2019

Russ Berkowitz and Kelly Ferraro have received a monetary award of $1,480,000.00 in the United States District Court of Philadelphia against the National Football League on behalf of a retired NFL football player as part of the NFL brain concussion class action. Our client, a 42 year old former offensive lineman, who played on three […]

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football helmet and stethoscope

NFL awards Kelly Ferraro’s client $1,500,000.00 in Brain Concussion Class Action

February 26, 2019

Kelly Ferraro has just received notification from the Claims Administrator for the NFL Brain Concussion Class Action that one of our clients has received a monetary award in the amount of $1,500,000.00. Our client, a 43 year old former fullback who played ten years in the NFL, has been diagnosed with a permanent traumatic brain […]

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Kelly Ferraro

Federal Judge Overseeing NFL Brain Concussion Class Action Lawsuit Reverses the NFL Claims Administrator’s Denial of One of Our Client’s Brain Concussion Claims

February 7, 2019

A federal judge overseeing the NFL Brain Concussion Class Action Lawsuit pending in United States District Court in Philadelphia has reversed the NFL Claims Administrator’s denial of one of our client’s brain concussion claims and has awarded our client $840,000.00. Our client, a 51 year old retired wide receiver who played in the NFL for […]

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brain injury

How Head Injuries Lead to Serious Brain Diseases

January 27, 2019

A bump on the head is something you can shake off – or is it? Back in the day, head injuries were often referred to as “ringing your bell.” And most of the time, parents and coaches would tell you to shake it off and get back out there. Today, you are likely to receive […]

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concussion treatment

Concussion Treatment Changes as Football Rolls On

January 19, 2019

Back in the day, a doctor might have told you to lie in a dark room for 24 hours while you recover from a concussion. Another time, a physician might have advised you not to let the person fall asleep – continually waking them while they get out of the watch period. Today, the rules […]

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protection from hockey concussion

Hall-of-Famer Dryden Wants Action Taken to Stop Increase in Concussions

January 12, 2019

National Hockey League star and hall-of-famer Ken Dryden was famous for his time with the Montreal Canadiens. But now the six-time Stanley Cup champion is famous for something else: standing up against head trauma in the sport of hockey. Dryden recognizes that awareness is critical for stopping the increased numbers of brain injuries in contact […]

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