Bartlett Arboretum’s Silver Education Programs Awarded $7,000.00 Grant from Berkowitz and Hanna Charitable Fund

The Berkowitz and Hanna Charitable Fund is pleased to announce that it has recently granted $7,000.00 to the Bartlett Arboretum’s Silver Education Programs. These youth education programs include: funding full scholarships for low-income children and children living at Inspirica (a homeless shelter in Stamford, CT) for an 8 week summer camp; an elementary school aged … Continued

How Can Certain Medications Lead to Auto Accidents?

A 2007 survey by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found  that over 15 percent of nighttime drivers tested positive for legal or illegal drugs. Since that’s almost one in six drivers, look around you the next time you are driving at night. If you can observe at least seven cars in your vicinity, the … Continued

discharged too early

Lawsuit filed against hospital following surgery on wrong side of brain

Russ Berkowitz and Jennifer Amdur have filed a lawsuit in Hartford Superior Court against Hartford Hospital and their surgical team on behalf of the estate of our client who died six weeks following brain surgery as a result of the hospital’s operating team performing surgery on the wrong side of his head and brain, which … Continued

Can I Recover Compensation from a Dog Attack in Connecticut?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly a million people seek medical attention for dog bite injuries every year. Connecticut certainly sees its share. Like other states, Connecticut has enacted a special statute that you can use to hold a dog owner liable to compensate you for personal injury caused by their … Continued

football player

NFL Brain Concussion Lawsuit Results in 1.178 Million Dollar Award

Kelly Ferraro has just received her second award in two weeks on behalf of another NFL retired player in the NFL Brain Concussion Lawsuit. Our client, who was a defensive lineman in the NFL for nine years, will receive $1,178,000.00 as a result of a permanent brain injury he sustained from repetitive concussions over the … Continued

The Dangers of Taking Prescription Opioids during Pregnancy

Pain is a frequent consequence of pregnancy – lower back pain, pelvic pain, and even migraine headaches are particularly common. When the pain becomes acute, it is tempting for a doctor to prescribe opioids to ease the pain. Indeed, at least one study has found that more than one in five Medicaid-enrolled pregnant women fill … Continued

Russ Berkowitz Files Lawsuit against Yale-New Haven Hospital

Russ Berkowitz has filed a lawsuit against Yale-New Haven Hospital in New Haven Superior Court on behalf of a baby that was born with permanent neurological deficits following two days of labor at the defendant hospital. During that time, our client’s mother was never offered a c-section throughout her labor period until the very end … Continued

Brain Injuries Caused by Medical Malpractice

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly a third of all injury deaths can be attributed to brain injury. Although most of these injuries are caused by sudden impacts, a significant percentage of them are caused by medical malpractice. Still more cases involve an initial accident followed by substandard medical … Continued

Kelly Ferraro

$900,000.00 in the NFL Brain Concussion Lawsuit

Kelly Ferraro has been awarded $900,000.00 in the NFL Brain Concussion lawsuit on behalf of a retired NFL player. Our client, an All Pro running back in the 1990’s, sustained multiple concussions over the course of his career and was diagnosed with a permanent cognitive impairment that has affected his daily living. Congrats to Kelly … Continued

Lawsuit filed against a Northbridge Healthcare Center

Erik Siegel and Kelly Ferraro have filed a lawsuit against a Northbridge Healthcare Center in Bridgeport Superior Court on behalf of the Estate of a client who died following being negligently dropped from a defective Hoyer lift in her room causing our client to violently land on her head and sustain a catastrophic and subsequently … Continued