What Are My Options If My Loved One Was Killed in a Car Accident?

Over the last decade, more than 2,500 people have died in Connecticut car accidents. And in many cases, the victim was not even the one who caused the accident. The victim of a car accident can normally file a personal injury claim against the person who caused the accident. But what should you do if … Continued

criminal medical malpractice

Wrongful Death Case Against Hospital Settled

Jennifer Amdur and Russ Berkowitz have just settled a medical malpractice wrongful death case against a Connecticut hospital on behalf of a baby who died while under the care of the hospital’s NICU. Our client, a premature baby who was doing quite well, accidentally extubated while being transferred from the nurse to our client’s mom … Continued

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Can You Sue for Medication Side Effects?

Every year, more than six million people in the United States suffer unexpected prescription medication side effects that are serious enough to require medical attention – this figure doesn’t even include those who are harmed by over-the-counter medications. If this has happened to you, you might have a credible claim for compensation from your doctor, … Continued

Waterside School Awarded $20,000.00 grant from Berkowitz and Hanna Charitable Fund

The Berkowitz and Hanna Charitable Fund is pleased to announce that it has recently granted $20,000.00 to Waterside school in Stamford for the purchasing of smart interactive flat panels for all the school’s grades which will enhance the classroom experience for all the students and teachers. Waterside School is an amazing Stamford, Connecticut co-educational private … Continued

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What Kind of Head Injury Causes Death?

In the United States, millions of deaths every year are caused by head injuries. Since the skull encases the brain, and since the brain serves as the body’s command and control center, almost any type of head injury is potentially deadly if it is serious enough. When the injury is caused by the misconduct of … Continued

Jennifer Amdur Settles Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death Action

Jennifer Amdur has just settled a medical malpractice wrongful death action against a hospital, cardiologist, and gastroenterologist on behalf of the estate of a 77 year old client who bled to death in the hospital  as a result of the defendants’ failure to timely diagnose a gastrointestinal bleed that progressed over the course of two … Continued

Product Liability Claim

Can a Retailer Be Held Liable for a Defective Product?

Yes, in many cases a retailer can, indeed, be held liable for  a defective product – at least if an injury or a death resulted. Some people would be surprised to learn that a retail outlet can be held liable for an injury caused by a dangerous product, even if it did not manufacture the … Continued

Medication Errors

When Can Patients Sue Drug Companies?

What is the difference between a medicine and a poison? Unfortunately, in thousands of cases every year, the answer is “very little.” In some cases, an error is made by a doctor or a pharmacist. In other cases, however, it is the drug itself that is the problem. Dangerous drugs remain on the market despite … Continued

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Do Medical Records Play a Key Role in Any Personal Injury Claim?

Naturally, simply saying “It hurts!” is not enough to establish a personal injury claim. The defendant, or his insurance company, is going to require objective evidence of your injury before agreeing to pay up. Submitting medical records is one of the most effective ways of establishing your injury as an objective reality. Sometimes, however, they … Continued