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$1.48 million award for retired NFL player who sustained permanent brain injury

Russ Berkowitz and Kelly Ferraro have received a monetary award of $1,480,000.00 in the United States District Court of Philadelphia against the National Football League on behalf of a retired NFL football player as part of the NFL brain concussion class action. Our client, a 42 year old former offensive lineman, who played on three … Continued

Traumatic Brain Injury

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Linked to Higher Risk of PTSD and Depression

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) typically occurs when the head suffers an impact. A familiar example of an intentionally-induced TBI is a “knockout” in boxing – it is the concussion that knocks a fighter out. Although serious cases frequently lead to death or disability, mild cases usually result in no permanent damage. Recently, however, researchers have … Continued

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Russ Berkowitz and Jennifer Amdur Settle Medical Malpractice Birth Injury Case

Russ Berkowitz and Jennifer Amdur have just settled a medical malpractice birth injury case against an obstetrician and a hospital on behalf of a baby who sustained a profound brain injury at birth. According to Amdur, “our client needed an emergency c-section when his mother arrived at the hospital with signs and symptoms of fetal … Continued


Why You Don’t Need an MRI to Detect a Concussion

The existence and severity of a concussion is a frequently contentious issue in personal injury litigation. One hurdle faced by concussion victims is the lack of medical evidence that can reliably diagnose the condition without additional reliance on a generous dose of medical judgment. If this hurdle is overcome, the defendant is likely to raise … Continued

Personal Injury Claim

When to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

The short answer to this question is simple: ASAP unless you are able to secure a generous private settlement from the defendant almost immediately. Evidence deteriorates and witness’s memories fade. Every day that you delay filing your personal injury lawsuit degrades your chances of victory and may result in an anemic “victory” in which you … Continued

Medical Malpractice Claim

Medical Malpractice settlement reached against Connecticut hospital

Russ Berkowitz has just settled a medical malpractice wrongful death case against a Connecticut hospital on behalf of the estate of a 54 year old client who died in the emergency department as a result of the hospital’s 9 hour delay in diagnosing and treating his aortic dissection. According to Berkowitz, “my client’s family has … Continued

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$406,000 awarded as a result of automobile accident

Christina Hanna was recently awarded $406,000.00 on behalf of a client who sustained severe neck injuries and was forced to undergo a complicated neck surgery resulting from an automobile accident where another automobile crashed into our client’s motor vehicle. Because of our client’s injuries and her neck surgery, many of her activities will be limited … Continued

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How Does a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Work?

The three leading causes of death in the United States are heart disease, cancer, and medical malpractice, according to none other than the American Medical Association. Hopefully, neither you nor your loved ones will ever fall victim to medical malpractice. If you do, however, you will suffer losses that justice demands compensation for. Understanding how … Continued

Product Liability Claims

Is Your Child’s Baby Walker Safe?

Baby walkers seem safe enough, after all, they are sold at your local infant store. So why would they be a safety hazard? Companies making these devices advertise them as a fun, safe way for a child to play, get exercise, and even help with walking development. In reality, children are injured daily in infant … Continued