New Haven Medication Error Lawyer

Millions of Americans depend on various prescription medications to help manage short-term and chronic conditions. When these prescriptions are properly written and filled, there is generally little risk that they will cause any serious long-term harm to those taking them. Unfortunately, there are numerous ways in which negligence by a prescribing physician, pharmacist, or other party could lead to serious—and ultimately preventable—consequences for patients.

A conversation with a seasoned malpractice attorney could provide much-needed clarification about your legal rights and options for pursuing a lawsuit in the wake of an error like this. If you have grounds to file suit, working with a New Haven medication error lawyer can be key to maximizing your compensation. Contact us at Berkowitz Hanna to get started.

How Medication Errors Occur in New Haven

There are many types of mistakes that may occur when a prescription is being written or filled, any one of which could have serious physical, financial, and personal repercussions for a patient. The most straightforward error is a doctor simply prescribing the wrong drug for a patient’s particular condition, or a pharmacist giving a patient the wrong medication based on a misreading or misunderstanding of a physician’s instructions.

Alternatively, a doctor or pharmacist may prescribe or provide the correct medication but instruct the patient to take the wrong dosage. This could lead to the patient’s underlying condition not being treated appropriately or could cause additional problems in the form of an overdose. Finally, some medication errors stem from a physician failing to recognize a particular drug’s contraindications with other medications a patient is taking, resulting in harm that could have been prevented with appropriate diligence.

Any of these errors or any other mistake stemming directly from a medical professional failing to meet the standard of care could potentially justify civil litigation. A New Haven medication mistake attorney can review a particular case in detail during a free initial consultation and provide clarification about what filing options are available.

What Damages Could Be Recoverable After a Medication Mistake?

A person who can prove they were harmed by a physician or pharmacist’s medication error could demand compensation for all economic and non-economic effects their injury or worsened condition has on them, both in the short term and well into the future. Specific compensable losses may include:

  • Costs of additional medical treatment
  • Lost work income and/or future working capacity
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Lost consortium
  • Lost enjoyment/quality of life

Fortunately for plaintiffs, Connecticut state law imposes no artificial “caps” on recovery for any type of compensatory damages stemming from a medical professional’s negligence. A medication error lawyer in New Haven can help identify, valuate, and effectively seek payments for every form of harm a particular plaintiff has suffered and will suffer because of a mistake such as this.

Reach out to a New Haven Medication Error Attorney at Berkowitz Hanna for Assistance

Errors involving prescription medications can cause serious harm to Connecticut residents. These can also make for uniquely complex civil claims, especially for those without extensive knowledge in this area of the law.

Guidance from a knowledgeable New Haven medication error lawyer can be crucial to making the most of your settlement demand or lawsuit and recovering the compensation you deserve. Give us a call today to learn more about what our committed team can do for you.