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While the vast majority of healthcare professionals who assist with childbirth are qualified and considerate with all their patients, there are far too many examples every year of doctors, nurses, and other providers causing traumatic harm to mothers and their babies through negligent medical care. In situations like this, pursuing fair compensation through civil litigation could be crucial not only to covering monetary expenses and out-of-pocket losses, but also to maximizing your child’s quality of life.

Working with a New Haven birth injury lawyer can make a positive difference in your ability to obtain the compensation you deserve after this uniquely devastating type of incident. A skilled medical malpractice attorney can help you comply with all special requirements established by law for malpractice cases, collect and present evidence of fault on your behalf, and demand recovery for your past and future losses. Contact us a Berkowitz Hanna to learn more.

How Negligence May Lead to Birth Injuries

No matter what their area of expertise or particular job title is, all working medical professionals in Connecticut are obligated to meet a specific “standard of care” at all times with all their patients. In brief, the “standard of care” for a doctor, nurse, surgeon, or any other specialist is the level of care and consideration that an equally qualified and experienced medical professional would provide under the same or similar circumstances.

Accordingly, the standards applicable to obstetricians and other healthcare providers assisting with childbirth include careful application of birthing techniques, proper use of medical tools when needed, and clear communication with all physicians involved to ensure everyone performs their jobs correctly. Any reckless or careless action contrary to this expectation could serve as grounds for litigation if it directly leads to a newborn or their mother sustaining preventable physical injury.

Common mistakes that may give rise to birth injury litigation include:

  • Failing to diagnose and treat medical conditions like gestational diabetes
  • Not responding to complications during birth within a reasonable time, including failure to order a timely Cesarean section
  • Using too much force during delivery or while using tools like forceps
  • Failing to delegate tasks to appropriately qualified personnel
  • Mishandling the baby after birth
  • Failing to monitor and provide appropriate case to mother or child after birth

A New Haven birth injury attorney can discuss during a private consultation whether a particular set of circumstances could justify litigation.

Recovering Comprehensive Compensation in New Haven

A doctor, nurse, technician, or other party found legally liable for causing a birth injury may subsequently be held financially accountable for all economic and non-economic consequences that injury has. In the short term, recoverable damages often center around additional bills for emergency medical treatment necessitated by a birth injury, as well as loss of income and physical pain and suffering experienced by the mother.

In more serious situations where a birth results in permanent harm, long-term losses that could be factored into a comprehensive claim may include lost future earning capacity and quality of life for the child, emotional and psychological trauma suffered by the mother, and future costs of medical and rehabilitative treatments. A dedicated lawyer can help families understand what specific losses might be compensable in their New Haven birth injury claim.

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Birth injuries are often uniquely devastating and life-changing ordeals, made worse in many instances by the fact that they could have been prevented with proper care. If you or your newborn child suffered physical injuries during birth because of a physician’s misconduct, securing fair financial recovery may be vital to protecting your entire family’s future prospects.

An experienced New Haven birth injury lawyer can provide the assistance you might need to achieve the best possible result to your claim. Our committed team at Berkowitz Hanna is ready to help you, so give us a call today to get started.