New Haven Surgical Error Lawyer

Surgeons—along with the various technicians and specialists who help them with surgical procedures—have some of the most important, highly compensated, and high-stakes jobs in any medical facility. While these extensively trained and experienced professionals usually perform their jobs with diligence and care, accidents can happen. Any mistake by anyone involved in such a procedure has the potential to cause devastating physical harm to a patient who entrusted them with their health and future wellbeing.

If a mistake by a surgeon, technician, anesthesiologist, or anyone else involved in a surgical operation led to you suffering avoidable physical injury, consider meeting with a New Haven surgical error lawyer to discuss potential options for suing. Breaches of the standard of care applicable during surgery are very serious matters, and assistance from an experienced malpractice attorney can be vital to recovering comprehensively.

Causes and Effects of Mistakes During Surgery

It is important to understand that surgical error claims do not always have to stem from overt and egregious breaches of standard operating procedures. In many situations, surgical mistakes stem from small mishaps like misheard or misunderstood instruction between physicians, a missed step in a plan for performing a particular operation, or simply fatigue or sleep deprivation on the part of providers. Other common types of surgical mistakes include:

  • Failing to monitor a patient’s condition closely
  • Administering the incorrect type or dosage of medication or anesthesia
  • Leaving a medical implement inside a patient’s body
  • Operating on the wrong body part altogether

No matter what the underlying error is, the consequences it can have are often life-altering. A New Haven surgical error attorney can help an individual pursue the payments they deserve after a mistake of this nature.

“Reasonable Inquiry” Rules for Surgical Error Claims

Even the most careful and capable healthcare practitioners cannot guarantee perfectly positive outcomes for every patient they treat. Because of this, there are various requirements for medical malpractice claims that prospective plaintiffs must meet in order to pursue compensation. Perhaps most importantly, Connecticut General Statutes §52-190a requires prospective plaintiffs to make a “reasonable inquiry” prior to filing suit to determine whether their claim actually has merit and can be pursued in good faith.

A surgical error victim in New Haven and their lawyer must consult with at least one qualified medical expert in order to file their claim. This expert is generally someone with recent and relevant experience working in the same field(s) as the defendant(s). This expert must affirm through a written statement that the plaintiff suffered injury specifically because of actionable medical negligence and include sufficient details to support that position. An experienced lawyer understands these requirements and can find the right experts on a case-by-case basis.

Speak with a New Haven Surgical Error Attorney About Legal Options

Effectively seeking financial restitution for the effects of a surgical error can be complicated on both procedural and practical levels. Without guidance from a legal professional who has managed and achieved positive resolutions to claims like yours before, you may have a difficult time making your case and obtaining the recovery you need.

A New Haven surgical error lawyer’s support can make all the difference in your ability to pursue compensation after a provider caused harm to you or a loved one. Call today to schedule your free consultation at Berkowitz Hanna. A committed attorney at our office can work with you to hold the negligent provider accountable and get the payments you deserve.