New Haven Dentistry Malpractice Lawyer

A New Haven dentistry malpractice lawyer could help you seek justice after a dental mistake left you seriously hurt. Call to learn more.

Although many of us dread going to the dentist, we can usually trust that we will be in good hands for our cleaning or routine procedure. Unfortunately, dental visits occasionally end in severe pain and lasting health consequences.

When a trip to the dentist leaves you or a loved one seriously hurt, it is important to understand that you have legal options. A medical malpractice lawyer can help you understand whether you have a viable malpractice case and work with you to get the compensation you deserve.

Elements of Dental Malpractice

An injured patient might be able to sue a dentist, anesthesiologist, dental assistant, hygienist, or anyone else working in a dental office. To succeed in their lawsuit, they need to prove the elements of dental malpractice, which are as follows:

  • A formal dentist-patient relationship existed, meaning that the dental worker had a duty of care to the injured patient
  • The dental worker breached that duty of care by making an avoidable error, which another similarly trained dental worker acting under similar circumstances could have foreseen and prevented
  • The patient experienced a severe injury
  • The injury occurred because of the dental worker’s mistake

A little bit of pain is sometimes an unavoidable consequence of a visit to the dentist. Even when dentists act prudently and reasonably, sometimes patients suffer bad outcomes after dental work. If a dental worker makes no mistakes during a procedure, most courts will agree that they cannot be legally responsible for a negative outcome. However, when a dental worker makes a mistake that results in severe pain or a bad outcome, that error might amount to actionable dental malpractice. An experienced New Haven attorney can take a closer look at the facts of a case to determine whether an actionable error occurred during a dental procedure.

Examples of Dental Errors that Amount to Malpractice

Some of the most common negligent mistakes in dental offices include:

  • Failure to get a dental patient’s full medical history to be aware of possible drug counteractions or pre-existing medical problems
  • Delaying treatment unnecessarily
  • Failure to identify and properly diagnose serious oral conditions, including infections or cancers at an early stage
  • Performing dental work poorly
  • Anesthesia mistakes
  • Performing a procedure on or removing the wrong teeth

When dentists or hygienists make mistakes, those errors can have painful and lasting consequences. Sometimes, patients need painful follow-up procedures. In addition to causing more pain, these extra dental visits can also cause financial hardships by causing patients to miss work and incur more lost wages. A New Haven dentistry malpractice lawyer can help an injured person put a financial value on their losses and demand fair compensation from the negligent provider. In the rare instance that a dental mistake turns fatal, a compassionate legal professional can help grieving family members seek justice through a wrongful death claim.

Call a New Haven Dentistry Malpractice Attorney To Discuss Your Case

Dental mistakes can occur when dental offices are overburdened with too many patients, causing dentists to not spend enough time with their patients. They can also happen when dental workers are careless, forgetful, or reckless. When dental workers make these preventable mistakes, they breach the duty of care they owe you. You have every right to hold them accountable for the harm they caused.

If a dental error harmed you or a loved one, call a New Haven dentistry malpractice lawyer at our office. We have extensive experience handling cases like these, and we are prepared to fight for what you deserve. Reach out to Berkowitz Hanna today to set up your free case consultation.