Connecticut Stevens Johnson Syndrome Lawyer

One of the most serious adverse reactions to drugs is an allergic reaction known as Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS). Involving the death of the top layer of skin, and possibly leading to several serious complications, it is both debilitating and potentially fatal.

If you are a victim of this serious drug side effect, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries. Contact the Connecticut Stevens Johnson Syndrome lawyers today at Berkowitz and Hanna LLC, to discuss your legal options.

Symptoms and Causes

Stevens Johnson Syndrome can affect any area of the skin, but is most intense near mucous membranes. It begins with a painful red or purple rash that spreads and blisters and eventually causes the top layer of skin to die and shed off the body. SJS is most often caused by:

Pain relievers, including over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen
Anti-seizure medication used to treat epilepsy and prevent migraines
Penicillin and other drugs used to treat bacterial infections
Anti-gout medications

Treatment and Complications

Stevens Johnson Syndrome requires emergency medical treatment, including hospitalization. The medication that caused the condition obviously must be discontinued, and other treatments focus on controlling symptoms and preventing complications.

Recovery can take weeks or even months, depending on serious complications that arise. Complications might include:

Meningitis – a potentially fatal infection of the fluid around the spinal cord and brain
Sepsis – bacteria spreading throughout the body can cause organ failure and death
Blindness – if the rash spreads across the eyes it may damage tissue and cause scarring
Skin Damage – when the skin grows back it may be scarred, bumpy, and discolored; there may also be hair loss and problems with fingernail and toenail growth
Internal Organ Damage– lesions may form internally, causing damage to the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys

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