Connecticut Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice Lawyer

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular in Connecticut and the United States, whether it is chosen for looks or to minimize the effects of serious injuries. While plastic surgery is generally not as dangerous as other types of surgery, cosmetic surgeons who fail to act responsibly still can cause severe harm to their patients.

If you suffered significant physical trauma because of misconduct by a plastic surgeon, a malpractice attorney may be able to help you take legal action against that surgeon and any other healthcare provider whose negligence contributed to causing your injuries. From beginning to end of the legal process, your dedicated Connecticut cosmetic surgery malpractice lawyer will work tirelessly to protect your rights and tenaciously demand every cent of the restitution you deserve.

When Can I Sue Over a Cosmetic Surgery Error?

Plastic surgeons are expected to meet a specific “standard of care” at all times after establishing a doctor-patient relationship with someone. In brief, this means they must provide treatment—and avoid errors during treatment—with the same level of skill and consideration that an equally qualified physician would demonstrate under the same circumstances.

Breaches of such a standard can range from egregious errors like operating on the wrong part of the body, to seemingly minor mistakes like missing a sign that a patient is in distress or failing to provide sufficient post-operative care. An experienced Connecticut cosmetic surgery malpractice attorney can assess whether a particular situation constitutes legal malpractice.

Getting Around Legal and Procedural Roadblocks

When it comes to proving “negligence” by a cosmetic surgeon, Connecticut state courts typically will not just take a patient’s word for it that they suffered significant physical injury because of a doctor’s misconduct. Instead, Connecticut General Statutes §52-190a requires all prospective malpractice plaintiffs to make a “reasonable inquiry” in order to establish valid grounds for a lawsuit. This typically means—among other things—getting a qualified medical expert to provide a written and signed statement affirming their belief that legally actionable malpractice occurred.

In addition, C.G.S. §52-584 generally gives people injured through another person’s negligence no more than two years after discovering their injury—up to a maximum of three years after the negligent act which caused the injury actually occurred—to file suit over it. Retaining a lawyer quickly after experiencing cosmetic surgery malpractice in Connecticut is crucial to building and then filing a strong claim within this strictly enforced deadline.

Get in Touch with a Connecticut Cosmetic Surgery Malpractice Attorney Today

Voluntary or not, anyone who gets cosmetic surgery from a licensed medical professional has a right to expect that they will receive high-quality and considerate care from that professional as well as everyone assisting them. If you have sustained serious physical harm because you did not receive the care you deserved, you may have grounds to file a civil lawsuit.

A conversation with a Connecticut cosmetic surgery malpractice lawyer can give you answers to important questions and confidence about your next steps toward financial recovery. Contact our team at Berkowitz Hanna to learn more about your options. Your initial consultation is completely free.